Introduction to BroVPN - What is BroVPN?

The goal of BroVPN is to make the Internet faster, more open and more profitable to use. BroVPN is a collaborative P2P network.

BroVPN works on the principle of providing free resources to its users for the benefit of other community members. BroVPN provides several products based on this technology of resource sharing:

• Free P2P network. Free VPN “BroVPN” allows users to view information via the Internet privately, securely and freely using a public virtual network.

• The premium version of BroVPN extends the benefits of its free version to more sites and other platforms such as mobile devices, SmartTV, game consoles, routers, etc. BroVPN Premium uses a dedicated network of high-performance servers.

Introduction to BroVPN - What is a p2p virtual network?

BroVPN is a virtual P2P network where users help to make the Internet international and accessible to everyone again. This means that BroVPN directs your traffic through other peers (nodes) in the network BroVPN, as opposed to the routing via energy-intensive and expensive servers. This allows BroVPN to provide you with an excellent service and minimal base cost. Using real peers to route traffic rather than proxy servers helps to ensure greater anonymity and privacy. This also means that BroVPN is harder to detect and block. Currently, BroVPN works in a hybrid mode  combines traditional VPN architecture and P2P network technology.

Introduction to BroVPN - How does BroVPN protect my privacy and security?

We have created a BroVPN network, taking care of your privacy and security. BroVPN routes your traffic through other peers in the BroVPN network, making your IP more difficult to track, and it allows you to maintain greater anonymity and security. When your device is not in use, other data packets from other people may be redirected through your device. BroVPN takes care of your security and does not provide access to any personal information. Your device is only used as a router. As in case with any new technology, in addition to the advantages there may be disadvantages (such as with Wi-Fi, where strangers can try to hack your Wi-Fi hotspot). Thus, BroVPN puts every effort into protecting your data and eliminating vulnerabilities. We also do not collect, store or sell your personal identification information and we will never do it.

Introduction to BroVPN - Which operating systems, browsers and devices are suitable for using BroVPN?

BroVPN can be installed as a browser extension to chrome, Firefox, or Opera on Windows and Mac. BroVPN can also be used via a special app on Android, iOS and (.exe) for Windows. All downloads are available directly from our home page (installation and use of BroVPN is subject to Our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy). User’s satisfaction is our top priority and if you find that BroVPN does not support a particular platform, you can always visit our recommendation page.

Introduction to BroVPN - Is BroVPN free?

BroVPN is a free network for private (non-commercial) use on PC and Mac, but a subscription is required for use on iOS and Android.

The architecture of peer-to-peer network makes BroVPN free and safe. However, some users may prefer not to give BroVPN access to their free resources and thus can use the Premium version of BroVPN.

Subscription to the Premium version BroVPN:

• Payment - monthly subscription (US $ 11.95/month) or annual subscription (US $ 6.99/month) which can be unsubscribed at any time without any additional obligations

• You help to fund our Services to make the Internet better!

• You will never act as a "peer".

• You can use Premium membership in multiple browsers by logging in (you must be logged in to make a Premium account available

• Sign up for the Premium version BroVPN here

Introduction to BroVPN - Why is the BroVPN network free?

There is no charge for your use of the free BroVPN proxy server, instead you only provide secure access to some of your device's resources (Wi-Fi and limited cellular data) and only when you are not using your device. You can disable this feature by joining the Premium version of BroVPN. Additional information is provided in our Terms of Service.

Introduction to BroVPN - Why don't we use advertising?

The main purpose of BroVPN is to make again the Internet international, allowing people to use the Internet privately, safely and freely (without censorship, geographical restrictions and blockages).

We have developed a completely new BroVPN network. This is the world's first (and the only) peer-to-peer VPN network where each user provides access to a small portion of his resources for the benefit of the network, thus BroVPN does not need to use advertising.

BroVPN profits from providing corporations with the same VPN service as regular users, but for a fee. This allows us to provide free access to the BroVPN network, and it will always be so!

Introduction to BroVPN - Does BroVPN use my traffic?

Like any peer-to-peer network, BroVPN is an exchange network. You can use the BroVPN network free (on PC and Mac), and in return you provide a certain amount of traffic when your computer is in standby mode. This is similar to Skype and other peer-to-peer services. To provide you with all the functionality, BroVPN sometimes needs to route your resources through peer-to-peer (other people's devices) via a BroVPN network. In turn, some of their traffic is also securely routed through your device. No one can access your device, it only acts as a router. BroVPN is free to use on PC and Mac only for non-commercial users. For commercial use by organizations, BroVPN provides a similar routing feature through the BroVPN network for a fee. Thus, BroVPN makes a profit. The amount of traffic that BroVPN sends through a host on the network per day, on average, is equal to the amount of traffic required to view a 20-second video on YouTube. Users of the Premium BroVPN pay for a monthly subscription and in turn only use the network and do not contribute to it with the help of their free resources.

Introduction to BroVPN - Can I use BroVPN and not act as a "peer" helping the community?

Yes, users can pay for using BroVPN, and do not provide their free resources. This means that you will use BroVPN as well as any other paid VPN service. Subscribe to the Premium version of BroVPN here.

Introduction to BroVPN - How can a BroVPN network be free?

VPN have been existing almost as long as the Internet itself. VPN companies need to set up and maintain servers in different countries. These servers are then used to route your traffic by changing your IP address, allowing you to stay anonymous and more secure. In addition, VPN companies have to pay bills for their users' traffic. It's expensive. These costs, combined with the need for any company to make a profit, make a traditional VPN service quite expensive for the end user (around $ 10 per month).

BroVPN created p2p overlay network for HTTP, routing securely the sites you browse through other users' devices and not through the costly servers. It makes BroVPN the first VPN service, which doesn’t have any operational costs. Users who want to use the BroVPN, without giving access to their devices can join the Premium BroVPN.

Introduction to BroVPN – How does the BroVPN network provide services for free and without advertising?

Like any p2p network, BroVPN is an exchange network. You can use the BroVPN network for free, and in return you provide a certain amount of traffic and processing power.

Introduction to BroVPN - How does BroVPN get profit?

The use of BroVPN is free on PC, but commercial organizations need to buy a Premium subscription to use services.

BroVPN works because it is a p2p network where each participant contributes. To provide free services to users, BroVPN charges commercial organizations a fee for using the network. For BroVPN users who do not want to act as "peers", we offer a Premium version of BroVPN, which allows you to use the network and do not provide access to your resources.

The information you provide to BroVPN is strictly confidential and non-transferable. Consumers are used to Internet companies collecting some of their personal information and selling it to third parties (for advertisements or anything else). BroVPN’s business model is totally different because we do not collect your personal information. We only use a small part of your computer resources. We find this much less intrusive than the existing business models. You can always opt out of using your device by paying a monthly subscription.

Introduction to BroVPN - I like the BroVPN service. How can I help the development of the service?

We definitely need your help to make the Internet better! Here is what you can do:

• Tell your friends and family! Tell about us on your Facebook page

• Help in translating: help to translate the BroVPN service to your native language! If you are interested in this, please contact us via e-mail:

Troubleshooting the most common problems - I forgot my password, how can I change it?

To reset your password, click the “forgot password” link at the bottom of the login window.

Troubleshooting the most common problems - Can I use my account on multiple devices?

Service BroVPN is provided for each platform separately. Therefore, you need to purchase a separate subscription for each platform that will use Bro VPN.

Troubleshooting: the most common problems - Can I change my e-mail address?

We cannot change your e-mail address after you have signed in. If you have registered and entered with an incorrect email address, register again.

Troubleshooting the most common problems - BroVPN is enabled, but I still can't access certain web pages. What am I supposed to do?

Try each of these methods separately:

• Disable and enable BroVPN

• Try to reload the site by pressing CTRL and F5 (or Shift + refresh button»)

• Clear your browser cache, including the cookies (usually under Settings> Privacy Or CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE)

• Close the browser, open it, and try again.

• Disable other extensions to see if this is the problem

• Disable other programs working with proxy servers or other software that may not work with BroVPN, for example, IE tab, Avast WebRep, Flash Blocker and NoScript.

• Test your BroVPN network by going to the website

• Make sure you have the latest version of your browser.

• Disable your antivirus or firewall (at your own risk) to see if the problem is related to this

• If you can’t solve the problem, please contact our support

Eliminating the most frequently occurring problems - How to update to the latest version of BroVPN?

We often update BroVPN, including bug fixes and adding new features. We are constantly updating your version of BroVPN. Windows, OSX, Android and iOS users: make sure that automatic updates are turned on.

Troubleshooting the most common problems - What information should I provide to BroVPN when reporting about a problem?

If you have completed the above Troubleshooting steps but the problem is still not resolved, please send us a bug report and provide as much information as possible:

• The platform on which you use BroVPN,

• Your operating system: e.g. Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8), Android, Mac (OS x version)

• Screenshots of the problem

• Brief description of the problem

• The name of the antivirus or firewall you use

• The type of the network you use: personal (for example, at home) or corporate (for example, at work or at the University)

• Other VPN or proxy apps you use on your device

• Which website do you have problems with? Note. Restart your computer / mobile phone several times and make sure you have an Internet connection, this may solve the problem.

Troubleshooting the most common problems - I can't install the BroVPN client

Try the following:

• Go to BroVPN and press "Start".

• Your antivirus or firewall may block the installation of BroVPN. You can try to temporarily disable them (at your own risk) and try again to install BroVPN to see if this solves the problem

• For WinXP: make sure you have update pack 3 installed

• Make sure your browser is up to date

Troubleshooting the most common problems - I want to leave feedback or suggestions to BroVPN!

We are pleased to read your feedback and suggestions. Send us an e-mail to:

Android Troubleshooting - When does my device provide resources to the p2p network BroVPN?

• If you are not using the device

• (so you always have the fastest speed)

• When your device is not moving

• When your device is connected to a power source

• (so you always have the required battery power) you can read more about connected VPN (p2p) here

Android Troubleshooting - Will BroVPN network use my cellular plan?

We prefer to use Wi-Fi! We can use very limited cellular data and we will not use it in roaming

Android search and Troubleshooting - BroVPN not working

If BroVPN doesn't work on your Android device, it is possible that there is a conflict with another app or system settings. The following applications cannot run at the same time or may conflict with BroVPN:

• Apps to block ads. Some content may not display / work correctly due to blocking applications. Therefore, try disabling ad blocking apps, and then try downloading the requested content again.

• VPN apps: BroVPN can't work with other VPN apps at the same time

• DNS applications: BroVPN cannot work with other DNS applications at the same time

Proxy settings:

• Remove previously installed settings

• Try resetting your network settings

• Make sure you have enabled VPN-access of BroVPN directly from the BroVPN app, not from the settings

The application is configured to "view the country" with BroVPN, but still does not work:

• Open Android settings> app Manager> Download> select the app you want to access> Clear data> Clear cache

• Open BroVPN> find the app you want to use with BroVPN and click on it> select the requested country from the "Browse from" section> click “Open”

Frequently asked questions about payment - I have a question about billing, what should I do?

For all payment questions, see the "FAQ BroVPN Payment"

BroVPN network - what is BroVPN?

BroVPN is the first virtual network, (p2p network), where users help each other again to make information on the Internet available to all users. We make efforts to provide you with these Services, protecting your privacy, security and personal information.

BroVPN is very easy to set up, it is free and ad-free for PC and Mac users. It's useful to see how a website looks like from a particular country, for safer browsing, overcoming government censorship (for example, using Facebook from a country that blocks the social network), overcoming the blocking of your organization's website, viewing the website in its origin (for example, view a Spanish news site as if you live in Spain), and much more. Bro VPN is free for private use.

BroVPN network - How to use BroVPN?

To check VPN’s functionality, visit the website or any other IP locator and you will be able to see that your IP address is the IP address of the country you have chosen.

If you have bought a Premium BroVPN account and want to receive a refund, please send us the email address you have used to sign in our Services.

Network BroVPN – Does BroVPN work on an AppleTV or on any devices SmartTV / PlayStation / XBMC / embedded Android devices, etc.?

BroVPN Premium works on all platforms supporting OpenVPN.

Free version of BroVPN works on Windows, Android, OSX, iOS platforms

Security and privacy - How does using a BroVPN network help me to stay more secure?

When you surf the Internet, the sites you visit are constantly being monitored (what products you view, what articles you read) and perhaps this is done by your government, Internet service provider or the organization, where you work. They try to find out much information about you, and thus can steal your personal data. Changing your IP address when accessing sites is an advanced measure in addition to your browser's "incognito" mode. The combination of these two measures means that others cannot receive information from your browser and cannot track requests coming from your IP address. Depending on the proxy server option you choose, BroVPN will also encrypt some or all of your traffic, providing even more security.

Security and privacy – How does BroVPN make your network more secure?

BroVPN works on different levels for maximum security:

• Product development with security as the top priority

• On the architectural level, through third-party security checking and review

• Controlling our consumer network, protecting it from illegal content and misuse

• Network monitoring to detect signs of abuse or security breaches

• Through expert / independent security audits, the overall security of the BroVPN network is reviewed and managed by our Chief Security Officer. We also run periodic vulnerability bounty programs to ensure that our products and networks are analyzed by external researchers

BroVPN networks are not attractive to people or organizations with malicious intent because we can see the real origin and purpose of each request, if the cyber criminal used the BroVPN network, the information about the criminal can be passed on to the authorities. Some VPNs do not see both ends of the connection and are therefore much more attractive for criminal purposes.

BroVPN has a zero-tolerance for the illegal use of its network and will cooperate with the authorities regarding any such situations. Each technology can be vulnerable to misuse. For example, home Wi-Fi hotspots can be hacked by a passers-by and used for illegal activities. BroVPN is a p2p product. Peer-to-peer architecture has its drawbacks, and BroVPN works to minimize any problems using several methods: technological measures, filters, and defined network policies. If you are not satisfied with the use of the p2p technology, you should uninstall BroVPN.

Security and privacy - How does BroVPN ensure the legitimate use of its consumer network?

BroVPN regularly monitors the consumer network and suppresses any abuse or security breaches. In addition, modifications of the architecture allow BroVPN to see the origin of each request, so if a cyber criminal used the BroVPN network, information about illegal activities can be passed on to the authorities. This makes the BroVPN network unattractive to use for illegal purposes. Some VPNs don't see both ends of the connection and are therefore much more attractive for illegal purposes.

Security and privacy - Does BroVPN share any of my personal information with other BroVPN users?

No. BroVPN handles your HTTP requests exactly like HTTP proxy servers, in accordance with the HTTP RFC standards, and in the same way, as Internet service providers do for standard viewing sites. This also applies to" Cache: "public / private HTTP headers and their correct handling.

Security and privacy - My antivirus software detects some files related to BroVPN as unsafe. Is it so?

This is a false-positive report. The file that the antivirus detects is a part of the BroVPN smart cache (you can mark it as safe but don’t delete it). We work with the best anti-virus software providers to ensure that BroVPN is on the "white list", and such false-positive reports do not interfere with our users.

Security and privacy - Can the BroVPN network be used by criminals to hide their identity?

Like other commercial networks, BroVPN is a managed and controlled network and thus we inform the authorities of any illegal activity by providing the user's real IP address. Criminals usually do not use commercial services because their identity is under the supervision of such networks.

Security and privacy - What are the risks associated with using a commercial VPN network?

Non-commercial VPNs like TOR are completely anonymous, and no one has access to the source of requests on that network. This makes these networks ideal for criminal activity, and running Tor virtual tunnels is likely to help criminals as well as putting the security of the provider at risk. BroVPN is a commercial network managed by a commercial company that has customers and its business. So, when we recognize any questionable activity on our network, we have the right to look at the source of the request and help the authorities to catch the cyber criminal. We have never heard of a case where a BroVPN user would have such problems despite having an installation base that is several thousand times larger than any other comparable network, such as Tor. If you are still concerned about these risks, you have the option not to install or uninstall BroVPN.

Security and privacy - What is the BroVPN bounty program?

To conduct external monitoring products and the network BroVPN, we sometimes offer a program of assistance in finding the vulnerabilities through which researchers can receive recognition and compensation for reporting about the vulnerabilities in the security system. This program allows BroVPN to detect and solve security problems in front of the public, thus preventing abuse of the BroVPN networks.

BroVPN Premium version - Which platforms does BroVPN Premium support?

• Windows: Win 7 and above

• Mac: OS 10.11 El Capitan and above

• iOS: iOS version 8.0 and above

• Android: version 5 and above

BroVPN Premium version - Can I use my account on multiple devices?

Yes. You can use your premium account on up to 10 devices. To use BroVPN Premium on Your iPhone or iPad, install BroVPN for iOS, then log in using your user name and password.

BroVPN Premium version - I have connected to BroVPN Premium but my streaming service (e.g. Netflix, Hulu ...) still does not work. Why?

In most cases, this is because your browser or app still has some information that identifies you as being in your country. To fix the issue, disconnect from BroVPN Premium, follow these steps, and then try again:

• Close the site / app

• Clear your browser cache (how?).

• Restart your browser / app

• Reboot the device

Doing this ensures that you start with a clean system. Now connect to the BroVPN Premium network, open your browser / app, log in and try again. If you still have problems, please let us know.

BroVPN Premium version - When I connect to some sites, they warn me about suspicious activity. Why?

Many websites track the IP addresses of their users. When you connect to BroVPN Premium, your public IP address changes from your normal IP address to another IP address. Some sites may display a message or send you an email saying that an unusual login has been detected. The reason for this warning is usually a quick change of IP address that occurs when using VPN. For example, if you are from India, you usually connect to a website (without VPN) from India's IP address. If you visit the same site after connecting to the US VPN server, the site will suddenly receive information that you are connecting from the US, and may find such a connection suspicious.

BroVPN Premium version - Can I share my account with my family? Will they see my online activity?

Share your account with your family, so they can also have access to BroVPN Premium services. Just remember that your account allows you to use up to 10 devices. If you need more than 10 devices, just buy a second subscription to BroVPN Premium. Your activity on the Internet is not recorded and will not be visible to anyone.

BroVPN Premium version - How can I manage my account?

To manage your subscription, go to your account.

BroVPN Premium version - How can I get technical support?

To contact our support team visit the website .

Other - Can I use BroVPN with another VPN service?

Using two VPN services at the same time can cause unexpected interactions. If you want to use two VPN services, just close one when using another.

Other - When I use BroVPN do I still need to register as a user or pay for the website I'm browsing?

Yes, you still need to register and pay for the sites that require registration and payment, even when using BroVPN. In addition, you must always comply with the terms of use of the site. Other - Can I run BroVPN on my computer? Can I run it on both host and guest systems at the same time?

Yes, BroVPN runs on Windows even if VMWare is running. However, you should close the BroVPN client on the host system before opening the virtual machine, and never attempt to run BroVPN on both the host system and the guest operating system at the same time.

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