You Are Too Broke To Use Free Programs

You Are Too Broke To Use Free Programs

There is no mistaking the facts, they are pretty stubborn. You always get what you pay for, so the choice is pretty fair: either you buy a product, or the product will buy you, hook, line and sinker. That’s about many free programs. So-called ‘absolutely free VPN service is just another example. Those who try to use free VPN do nothing less than sell their own personal data and getting a whole load of problems instead of compensation.

Those who know something about it have no illusions. They know for sure that using trustworthy and reliable products is the only way to survive in this increasingly unpredictable and dangerous world. VPN service is about quality, security and responsibility. You may download VPN for free. You may have free version of paid VPN, subsidized by users of paid one. But using that is called ‘absolutely free VPN looks really insane. And that’s why.

It is so because personal data is the ultimate target for hackers. Just like the size of your wallet may reflect your freedom and power, the amount of ill-gotten user data is the measure of that chap’s ability to project power through blackmailing others. Surrendering private information to someone else means getting hooked for a long time, maybe for good. Falling into a trap is a matter of seconds, and getting out of it can take a lifetime.

VPN service is known to be intended for protecting personal data. Having a good VPN service by your side frees you from having to shudder and look around all the time. BroVPN provides quick and secure connection, and it appears to be winning the race against the bunch of threats stalking us at every turn. Using an ‘absolutely free VPN service’ is like cherishing a viper in your bosom: a free VPN can be nothing less than malware disguised as a security tool.

Why You Should Not Rely on Free VPN

Even if finally there is nothing wrong with your data, while using ‘absolutely free VPN service’ you will have the headache of slow work, unfriendly interfaces, pesky ads and disappointing customer service. That’s just the beginning. 

While paid VPN service exists to protect users against threats (and you know what you pay for), those free services actually compromise the protection. These tools are used for stealing personal and confidential data (passwords, logins, etc.) and sell it to criminal elements. The consequences of data loss are hard to predict. 

BroVPN uses an advanced software tool kit and reliable data encryption methods. The encrypted data moves from your device to a reliable server at a decent speed. The company offers a variety of encryption patterns ranging from low to high, so users can choose any type of connection without letting Internet service providers read any data, as it travels down a secure pathway and cannot be intercepted. Even if it could, it would look to a potential hacker as a bundle of unreadable gibberish. This is not something a so-called ‘absolutely free VPN service can do.

BroVPN gives you the choice of nearly 50 countries, where you can find a reliable server. All servers are controlled and monitored for security and reliability, and they are run by us only. What makes the use of our service safe is that we do not store IP addresses or logs, like most IPS do. Therefore, there is no chance that hackers will get this information. Keeping your privacy secure is BroVPN’s sacred duty. We don’t need to sell your data to bad guys, because our free VPN service is subsidized by our Premium version and this is about our reputation. Also, we operate in a variety of jurisdictions and meet all laws. We have years of experience in bypassing all kinds of censorship barriers and provide stable access to IT for residents of authoritarian countries of the Middle East, Africa and Asia. This is particularly important given the fact that even democratic Western countries like Germany, the United Kingdom, France, etc., are increasingly restrictive on the Internet. BroVPN will guide you around the barriers, and you will enjoy fast and easy access to your favorite website, which you might not be able to open using a centralized server. Finally, our servers support a whole bunch of protocols, which include HTTP, Obfuscation, Smart DNS, etc. 

With this in mind, beware of so-called ‘absolutely free VPN service’, which are there to trick you into sharing your personal data with bad actors. BroVPN has the reputation and credentials of a reliable VPN provider with a rapidly growing clientele and constantly improving technical base. The company has all tools that are necessary for countering the threats of today’s IT world.

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