Why VPN became More Important

Why VPN became More Important

What makes VPN service even more popular right now?

VPN services (Virtual Private Networks) are witnessing a surge in popularity, and there are good reasons for why use VPN. There are lots of users who not only want to, but have to use reliable VPN

Over the past couples of years, several events have taken place, which have changed the situation. Numerous reports about cyber attacks against large companies and individuals have prompted users from all walks of life to subscribe to VPN services.

Users need VPN and choose reliable VPN services (just like BroVPN) because they help them create a protected connection via a dedicated server and exchange data without exposing themselves. The number of both paid and free VPN service users is rapidly growing in every country, regardless of how authoritarian or democratic it is. This is because democratic freedoms are under attack everywhere, and even the democratic Western world is no longer as free as it used to be. Let’s see how a VPN service can secure an Internet user against threats.

Reliable VPN can protect you against ransomware

Top reason for why use VPN is security. Security breaches are increasingly common in today’s world, and a lot of Internet and banking services (including major ones) have had a hard time. These include LinkedIn, Yahoo, some political organizations, crypto-services, etc. With data theft thriving around the globe, users have to take steps to protect themselves.

Ransomware is one of the most common tools that are used by hackers. It is a kind of software, which hackers install on users’ devices to encrypt their files and actually blackmail them into sharing private information with third parties. In most cases, users are forced to pay money to unknown crypto accounts. The ransomware attacks, which took place in 2016-2017, have led to nearly a billion-dollar damage and forced EU and USA governments to take administrative and legislative steps. BroVPN is a reliable VPN service, which possesses the technology to protect users’ data against theft and provide a secure connection with a server located outside of a user’s home country.

Some laws are way too tough

The attacks and security breaches have prompted governmental authorities around the world to change laws. Many decisions have turned out to be rather halfway and made lots of citizens feel uncomfortable. For example, the USA government has given ISPs the authority to check users’ data and share it with third parties. Lots of other countries seem to be taking the USA for a model. This has increased the risk of data losses and leaks, so people have to look for ways to circumvent these barriers and use VPN services. The type of data encryption, which VPNs provide, helps users to build a kind of tunnel, which neither hackers nor security services can break, and channel their data without fearing loss or theft.

Crypto trading is more secure with BroVPN

Cryptocurrency exchanges surged in popularity over the year 2016 and 2017, as did the number of criminals and hackers, who would not mind a bit of easy money. Cryptocurrency exchanges have experienced (and are experiencing) tremendous pressure, and cyber-attacks have robbed some exchanges of billions of dollars. It is increasingly tough for specialists to keep electronic wallets secure, because hackers are not going to back off. This is one more reason for why use VPN, and especially reliable VPN service like BroVPN. The company has advanced tools and uses effective methods to protect sensitive data and help brokers trade freely and safely. No login or password will ever get out into the open. There are crypto trading exchanges, which incorporate VPN service features in their systems and wallets and thus provide an additional protective layer.

VPN service brings you freedom of speech

Many governments tend to press hard on the Internet and come up with new restrictions. As a result, users lose access to their favorite websites, services and media resources. This is happening not only in countries like China, Iran, Turkey, etc., but in Western countries as well. Governments force domestic ISPs to block access to unwanted resources, to log users’ data and share it with them and national security services. BroVPN can help people from any country to connect to a server, which is outside of the country and therefore is not visible for the ISP or authority. In a situation like this, it is no wonder that the importance of services like BroVPN continues to increase.

New Security LeveL: BroVPN uses IKEv2/IPSec

 BroVPN has done quite a lot of work to improve security and boost compatibility. The company has upgraded its VPN for iOS, VPN for Android and VPN for Windows. Right now, the company is using reliable VPN protocols, which ensure a new level of security.

The interface has become more user-friendly, and the advanced IKEv2/IPSec protocol has been introduced. These steps have helped the company to expand to more than fifty countries, so users have an increased number of available servers. Also, the new features have pretty much boosted the speed of connection. Setting up a contact with a server located half the world away from you is a matter of minutes!

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