Why should bloggers use VPN?

Why should bloggers use VPN?

Internet isn’t a safe place today. All you can do safely here – debating in comments about politics with someone who is wrong. But be careful even here – you can say something that your government don’t like. Especially if you’re blogger with thousands or even millions of subscribers. But today we’ll speak not about politics, but about other online threats to bloggers.

And the main threat is a horde of cyber criminals. They hunt undefended users 24/7/365. They even automated this process and use botnets – for example, to scan undefended devices like old PCs in libraries… or newest gadgets, logging in through hacked public Wi-Fi spots. That’s why VPN for blogger is urgent today. Without virtual private network all your personal data is in danger. Including very personal and including your money.

Today there are lots of social media and specific blogging platforms, but no one is completely safe. So it’s extremely important to use VPN for blogger. You need to encrypt ALL data you send into Web. And that’s why you need virtual private network.

VPN for blogger: what preferences it offers?

Bloggers are people with uncommon lifestyle. Yep, we live in 21st century and now we see much more people with this lifestyle than in 20st century, but it’s still uncommon. Usually they have passive income (or so high salary that blogger can travel everywhere anytime). That means that blogger can afford themselves to spend whole life in restaurants, travels and events. And most bloggers try to follow this lifestyle.

What does it means? All of these places have very unsafe public Wi-Fi spots. Bloggers use public Wi-Fi spots more often than their home internet! It’s very useful, even if you have cheap access to mobile internet from your mobile operator. But it’s extremely unsafe. Most of public Wi-Fi spots are very easy to hack – and when it’s done, hacker can read all data that comes in and out. All unencrypted data, of course. Is it clear for you now, why VPN for blogger is necessary? Yep. Virtual private network, even free VPN, encrypts all data that comes through VPN server. Of course, paid VPN will do it better and safer. The only one free VPN that can be compared to paid VPN is free version of paid VPN. Like BroVPN.

One more reason to use VPN for blogger is Internet Freedom. When you travel, you may come to country which has severe level of Internet censorship. 21st century is not only era of freedom, but else it’s era of Big Bro. And it’s not only watching you – it decides what you can watch! And VPN for blogger is very useful here. State – any state – will only see that you logged in to VPN server.

VPN for blogger: what bonuses it offers?

We have already spoken about Internet Freedom and censorship of 21st century. For example, if you travel to Turkey – lovely place for many bloggers – you will reveal that it’s very unfriendly for mobile internet. You have to buy Turkish SIM-card just to go online! Even more, it’s not very simple for foreign citizen. Use public Wi-Fi spots? Turkey is one of world’s leaders (in bad way) in numbers of unsafe public Wi-Fi spots. That’s where VPN for blogger can help – you may use public Wi-Fi spots and it’s safe for you: all data you transfer is encrypted.

Important notice. That’s true if we speak about good VPN. State and cyber criminals are familiar with VPN, they study it and they counter it, more or less effective. And effectiveness depends on VPN you use. When you use ‘completely free VPN’, it can be unsafe and even dangerous for you, because their income source is unknown… and often they gain money by selling logs or even data of users to spammers. The only free VPN that is safe – free version of paid VPN. Like BroVPN. Care about your personal data – use BroVPN!

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