WhatsApp stands for secure communication

WhatsApp stands for secure communication

For several years programs made for the rapid exchange of information has been included in the group of the most popular among people of different categories. Some of them have gained worldwide popularity. These include WhatsApp, Telegram, Kik, Skype, etc. With these apps, you can find friends from different parts of the world and communicate with them in real time, and it does not require any knowledge or complex actions. However, these services have a reverse side of the coin: the threat of personal data leakage.

The platform that we are considering for the rapid exchange of replicas is very popular in the world, and it is being used by billions of people. At the same time, over the past few years, application data coding technology has become widely available. There are concerns that the codes may be opened when someone uses the Internet from a public place via the wireless Internet. The platform is often being reproached for neglecting security compared to other programs. For example, Telegram uses more reliable encoding methods. VPN for Telegram is a perfect tool for data security.

In order to solve the urgent security problem, last year the management of the company cooperated with Open Whisper Systems. Several measures were taken to introduce the Signal Protocol security protocol into the app, which worked according to the end-to-end encryption scheme, so, users exchanged data bypassing the central server (using the VPN principle), and the encoding method was used by default. Last week, a successful implementation of a protocol in the program was confirmed, which would ensure the secure encoding of all transmitted data by default.

The updated version is protected by a protocol that provides strong encryption of both messages and calls. Users will receive information about the functionality and benefits of the new upgrade through notifications that will be displayed in the text chat window, as well as on the chat settings screen. For example, you receive a notification: “All messages and calls are protected by end-to-end encryption. Details can be found here. ” This means that the program has been updated. Now that you have a VPN for WhatsApp, you can communicate without fearing of leaking important information and quietly verify the authenticity of incoming text and calls. This can be done by checking the QR code for quick response or by recording a voice message.

Open Whisper Systems works with other messengers, trying to make the process of data exchange more secure, and these systems also try to protect other services.

Signal Protocol technology is based on principles similar to private virtual network technology (VPN principle). This includes the direct exchange of data between users’ servers, bypassing the central server.

BroVPN is a company that has the entire set of technical means and it organizes a fast and stable connection with servers located all over the world. Such a scheme allows not only to protect private information from leaks, but also to visit resources, access to which is restricted for one reason or another.

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