WhatsApp Goes VPN-Style

WhatsApp Goes VPN-Style

The free instant messenger application has been among the most popular ones for several years. If you have WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram, Kik, etc. on your device, you are able to find friends from around the globe, chat with them and share video/audio/graphic and animation files, and it is not tricky at all. However, there reverse side of the coin is that your personal data could be compromised.

Today, WhatsApp is very popular and available to millions, if not billions of people. On the other hand, the encryption pattern has pretty much gotten out into the open and therefore become vulnerable. Every time someone goes online while staying in a public place using WiFi, he or she exposes personal data, and it can be stolen. There has been quite a lot of word about WhatsApp not taking the security issue seriously, like other platforms do. A replica of VPN for Telegram is known to utilize safer coding. Happily, the management has taken steps to improve the situation.

To solve the safety problem, the platform chose to cooperate with the Open Whisper Systems last year. The cooperation has resulted in the team accepting the Signal Protocol offered by the Open Whisper Systems, which uses the end-to-end coding pattern. This ensures direct exchange of data between users without having to rely on proxies. The technology implements this coding method by default. Last week, successful integration of it into the application was reported. Now, all calls and messages containing media files should be encrypted by default. 

The new protocol provides a reliable coding and creates some kind of VPN for messengers. The service will keep us up to date on the advantages and functionality by sending notifications. Particularly, users are reminded that all messages and calls with be protected by end-to-end encryption, and there will be a link to a page with details. This should happen every time the program is updated. Now we can communicate without fearing loss or theft of private information. Besides, they will be able to check the security of sessions using QR or a voice record.

Open Whisper Systems cooperates with other messenger services as well. It is looking for new ways to contribute to data security in general and is eager to eliminate vulnerabilities.

The Signal Protocol technology is like a diminished replica of VPN for WhatsApp, as it ensures direct exchange of messages between mobile servers without relying on proxies. BroVPN is a technically advanced company, sets up a quick and stable connection with mobile servers located around the globe. Not only does the technique protect private information from unsanctioned access and hacking. It allows you to visit websites, which are not available in your area due to censorship or other factors. Combined with the technology, BroVPN can help you build an impenetrable firewall and use the application without any fear.

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