What is VPN pass through?

What is VPN pass through?

What is VPN pass-through, why do we need this function and what is the difference between VPN pass through and ordinary free VPN service - read the article to get answers to these questions!

VPN pass through: what is it?

VPN pass through is a router function that allows a device (or several devices) connected to it to use VPN protocols and establish an outgoing VPN connection. Today, it is found in many routers. Let's see whether VPN pass through is a necessary and sufficient function or not.

VPN pass through: how does this function work?

NAT - the basic firewall of network address translation - is the main part of most routers. It can detect an attempt to use a free VPN and block the connection to the VPN server. Of course, this has been done not for fighting against VPN services, but with the purpose of filtering traffic, so that the router receives only the information that was requested. However, in order for NAT to work correctly, it needs data on the incoming and outgoing connections of the router. A good premium VPN service, for example, BroVPN Premium, can bypass NAT protection. Practically any free VPN will be most likely observed while doing these “bad things” and the connection to the VPN server will be cut off. VPN pass through technology solves this problem, allowing such connections to “go through” NAT.

Do you need VPN pass through?

As we have said above, many routers today have the VPN pass through function. But even if your router is not among them - it’s not a problem. Today, a good VPN service uses modern VPN protocols — for example, OpenVPN, IKEv2 / IPsec, etc. BroVPN is gradually eliminating the use of old protocols. Therefore, if you are a BroVPN user (and we hope that it is so!), you have nothing to worry about. Your connection to BroVPN servers will already go through NAT without any problems, even if you use our free VPN version. If you do not use any VPN service, download our free VPN and test it. We do not sell user logs to advertisers, since we do not store them at all! With BroVPN, your confidential data will remain confidential, no matter whether you use VPN pass through or not!

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