Weak Spots of VPN

Weak Spots of VPN

This post focuses on dangers, which VPN services are made to counter with an emphasis on those they cannot handle. 

It is important to ensure that every user can enjoy true security, not just a sense of it. BroVPN is a free VPN service (with paid VPN version), which does its uttermost to provide maximal Internet security. However, there are a number of VPN vulnerabilities and risks, which no such company can handle, so we believe it is just the case to use the forewarned-is-forearmed approach.

It would be worthwhile to check with BroVPN, as it boasts quite a number of advanced Internet security tools. They have proved effective against a good number of threats. And there are several must-know facts about security risks, which neither BroVPN nor any other VPN service can cover right now. First, let’s see how this whole thing works.

When Do I Call BroVPN into Service?

When there is a necessity to block insecurities in IT connection.

Let’s start from basic question. What is VPN for? BroVPN builds an encrypted channel between a PC or mobile device and a VPN server. Thanks to the AES-256 encryption, no intruder will ever get to the data, which you are channeling to the server. This gives you a substantial degree of safety even with public WiFi (they lack Internet security a lot). If there is anything the invader can get, it is the Jabberwocky of symbols that code your data.

When you do not want your provider to read your browsing history.

With BroVPN, no user data is made available to the provider, except they get a signal that you have just connected. With our paid or free VPN service, mobile servers do not see any data you are channeling or what websites you have visited. 

When it should work stably regardless of traffic type

There will be no discrimination according to the type of traffic (differences in loading speed), because thanks to VPN service the provider will not see what sites you are going to view.

When there should be freedom of Internet

It is not uncommon for ISPs to block websites in particular areas, as well as for websites to ban users based on geographic location. Many paid and free VPN services offer ways around all these barriers and make all resources available regardless of censorship or geography. Likewise, some ISPs block file sharing protocols, so it is not always possible to share data via resources like Bittorrent. Also, in some countries this kind of sharing is illegal. With a VPN service at hand, one can find a server in a less authoritarian country and download/upload media easily.

Other dangers BroVPN can protect you against:

Users’ identity

Our free VPN service (and paid one too, of course) uses a kind of architecture, which can protect users’ data against timing attacks by surveillance services, if any. This enables us to protect data even in countries with tough surveillance, even against advanced intruders. Adversaries tend to grow more sophisticated every year, but so do we! BroVPN provides high Internet security. Make a good VPN selection!

No IP tracking

BroVPN is a great remedy against unwanted IP tracking, because there are lots of VPN servers around the globe, and it is impossible to track them all. Users can change servers (and therefore IPs) several times each day. It should be noted, however, that some companies (especially large corporations) can track users’ IT activity through cookies, as they visit lots of websites. Unless you clear cookies from time to time, these companies will be able to track you without having to track your IP. Also, it is quite advisable to use browsers that feature advanced privacy protection tools (like Tor), and, when possible, enable private browsing mode. This way you can raise your Internet Security level by yourself.

What VPN service cannot do:

VPN service cannot provide full and complete anonymity

There is a common misapprehension that a VPN service can provide complete anonymity for users. BroVPN does provide anonymity, but it is relative. Yes, with a paid or free VPN service at hand you can keep your IP back from websites that you visit. However, you cannot hide your address from the VPN provider itself. You can use any options like anonymous email addresses, but you will not be able to conceal your address against the company, to whose servers you are connecting. As long as you use BroVPN’s servers, your IP address will be available to us.

Your anonymity depends on your provider’s policy, which, in turn, largely depends on the host country’s legislation. In countries like the USA, Germany, the UK, to say nothing of China, Russia, Iran, etc., surveillance and governments are pressing on VPN providers to log IP addresses and other personal data and present it to supervision bodies. This makes it harder for us to provide due anonymity. However, in Switzerland, where authorities are not allowed to exert pressure on providers, it is possible to achieve a very high level of anonymity. This is the reason why many VPN services are headquartered in Switzerland.

Restricted connection

BroVPN will not be able to help you if your ISP decides to restrict your connection, because it is not possible to connect to VPN servers without being connected to your ISP.

Advanced censorship tools

It is a well known fact that paid and free VPN service provides decent protection in terms of data encryption, raising level of your Internet security. The protection it does NOT provide is against sophisticated censorship tools, which some providers use to track users’ activity. Although these tools will not help them decrypt and, consequently, read your data, they will help them trace and block you when they think it is necessary. VPN connections are set up via TCP/IP, so it is always possible to break a connection between user IPs and VPN servers. Simply put, as long as they cannot steal your data, they can completely stop you from channeling it. This is widely practiced in China for censorship purposes.

No magic!

There are lots of VPN services, who claim exceptional abilities like dodging all sorts of censorship, offering one-hundred-percent protection, iron-clad anonymity, and so on. Saying that is not the style of a trustworthy VPN provider. BroVPN does not claim any of that, because we are honest with our users: we do not have the technology to provide a protection this strong. Just download our VPN for free and test it by yourself!

Do You Trust Your Provider?

Trust is crucial when it comes to using VPN services and choosing a provider. For this reason, it is important to know for sure that the provider in question is a good one, and why it is good. For BroVPN, trust is paramount. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of cheap or free VPN services and just unscrupulous providers, which are not as effective as they claim they are. Some of them deliberately distribute malware and infect users’ PCs and mobile devices with the goal of botting them.

The numerous users who have chosen BroVPN know why they are with us. We build strong and lasting relationships between ISPs, ourselves and users, and we take great care about Internet security and users’ data. We maintain contact with our every user and welcome everyone to join our community and enjoy quick and safe connection. We never shy away from revealing our weak spots to our clients, and we never stop looking for solutions.

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