Want to Browse from Europe? BroVPN Paves Your Way!

Want to Browse from Europe? BroVPN Paves Your Way!

Free internet access is not only about fighting state censorship that blocks websites. Google has been under a continuous riding by privacy regulators for the right-to-be-forgotten thing for about a year. Now, the corporation has agreed to disavow information upon the requests of users, who this information concerns. 

The “right-to-be-forgotten” rule was accepted in 2014 in Europe, and it would oblige Google to delist data upon citizens’ requests. The citizens could count on the positive result providing that the search was made from the EU website. In cases whereby a search was made from the Google.com segment, the disavowed data would still be visible.

Right now, Google is fixing the problem, and EU citizens will have all unwanted data disavowed and made irretrievable regardless of the Google site used for search.

What made privacy regulators to press on Google was a dramatic increase in the number of removal requests, especially from the EU. That was quite observable when Google put up the removal request form on the website and made it available for all users.

It should be noted that those who live outside the EU, can view information freely. However, Google can easily trace all searches by IP addresses. The best way to view the disavowed data is through a paid or free VPN service. You can download our VPN for free, register with BroVPN and use a package of services, which guarantee secure encryption of your traffic and keep it unavailable for Google. If you are new to VPN, it is time to do a bit of learning, because Google is pretty tough on anyone attempting to access such data. It is also important to choose a reliable service, because not all free VPN service providers are trustworthy.

VPN from BroVPN will free you from any and all privacy concerns. Our free VPN service sticks to a no-logging policy, so none of your data will ever be disclosed to any third party. This is the feature, which most of our customers mention when asked why they have chosen us instead of our competitors.

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