VPN Paves the Way around Censorship

VPN Paves the Way around Censorship

Do you remember good old times, when Internet was ‘land of the free’? Or you were born in 21st century? We were able to read any website, write in comments all we think, save any pics and songs in our social media pages, download any files, music and video… Oops! No, officer, we love modern secure Internet and we support our government in any case! Please don’t think anything bad about us, sir! We are loyal, be sure!

Just kidding. But today’s subject is not so fun. It’s not a comedy sketch – we already have young generation that was born and grew up in era of restricted Internet. Today’s youngsters know – sometimes better than adults – what is VPN service and how to get access to blocked sites. They just have to know it in today’s reality. And this reality is global. Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Middle East, China, Iran have severe restrictions of Internet Freedom. Such global social media and communication apps like Facebook, VK, Twitter, WhatsApp, Skype are banned in entire regions of world. Access to blocked sites available here only if you use VPN technology. Even dreadnoughts of democracy, USA and European Union, follow global trend of Internet censorship… and time to time even setup this trend! Look at Homeland Security Act. It’s about national security, but it allows officers to read private messages of everyone citizen! Look at European GRDP act – it obliges media to prove their financial sustainability or be banned, even if you are major American media like Washington Post.

Look at Turkey. They try to represent themselves as modern country. Just to mention, here in 21st century you have to work in loyal company and even study in loyal university to ensure your success in career! 90% of Turkish media are loyal to present government – or forced to be. But it looks like not enough. After re-election of current Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, his personal rule over media raised even higher. Now Turkish President personally appoints members of Radio and Television Supreme Council – in fact, national media censorship organ.

All countries are different. Different cultures, different traditions. And nearly same level of Internet censorship. But any action leads to response. Raising Internet censorship resulted in raising popularity of VPN technology – both free VPN service and paid VPN service. It’s very good when it’s same service in two versions, like BroVPN, because it’s clear where VPN service obtains money to remain sustainable.

BroVPN supports Internet Freedom around the entire globe. No matter where you live – in Russia, Ukraine, Middle East, China, Europe or USA – you have rights to read any information you want. Not only information your government allows. Censorship and safety are not same things. BroVPN proves it. We use modern encrypting protocols which protect all information you send into Web. Can any censorship do it? Never. But VPN technology can. Our base is Panama, country with very good level of Internet Freedom, and we wish users around the entire globe to have such level of freedom. But we understand that cyber criminals don’t care about freedom ratings and access to blocked sites – they try to steal YOUR personal data. That’s why we keep our encryption level at high numbers, even in free VPN version. Be safe – use VPN service. Good VPN service. BroVPN.

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