VPN Eases Your Life in High-Risk Regions

VPN Eases Your Life in High-Risk Regions

BroVPN is there to help everyone to protect personal data and enjoy free and easy access to the global network, wherever they are. The company sets up services in areas and countries where users face privacy issues.

Commonly, the choice of a VPN server depends on the kind of information a user looks for and the server’s geographical location. There are areas, where it is impossible to access certain resources due to censorship, and residents choose and download VPN software, which provides connection to mobile devices located abroad. Or, suppose, you are traveling abroad and would like to access a website, which is available via an IP located in your country only and therefore is not available from outside of it. In this situation, you use VPN in just the same way. BroVPN shows the shortest and smoothest way around proxies and barriers and provides mobile IPs for users from almost 200 countries of the world.

The company takes into consideration the fact that there are no two jurisdictions with identical privacy laws. Our goal is to provide easy IT access to clients living in both democratic and highly authoritarian states. Setting up service in lands with bad privacy is the company’s paramount task.

BroVPN takes great care to inform all its users about the pluses and minuses of using mobile IPs, with a focus on risks and mitigating these risks. When working in high-risk regions, we have to exercise specific approaches and policies, which need a little clarification.

How to connect to services located in high-risk countries

This takes a bit of understanding of the weak spots of connecting to these services. 

Every user should realize that BroVPN does not guarantee one-hundred-percent security in high-risk areas or elsewhere. There is always a possibility that your data can be compromised. To ensure maximal security, you must strictly follow security guidelines and, based on those, outline a respective user behavior model. 

First, you should know why you want to use a VPN connection. It that is nothing less than watching TV, movies, soccer matches, etc., via video streaming services, you can feel free to connect to any server. However, if you have just escaped from Iranian surveillance services who have been monitoring you for your dissident activities, you’d better avoid using those located in Iran, because, most likely, they are on the hook.

Choose Secure VPNs

If you have no choice but to rely on one located in this kind of country, you can use a BroVPN security feature. It ensures that your data is routed via high-security nodes located in places like Switzerland, Sweden, and Iceland, where privacy laws are strict. It is not until the data has passed through these hardened nodes that it reaches one in a high-risk region. Even if the VPN is really under surveillance, all the local police can see is the traffic that goes from it back to the high-security server. They will not be able to see the traffic, which goes back to your actual IP address. Under no circumstances should` you use free VPN!

Every time we need to place equipment in such a region, we apply the security function to it. The function helps us direct users’ data around surveillance barriers and prevent blocking and/or leaks.

BroVPN policies in high-risk areas

We want our users to be sure their data will be safe and secure, so here, at our VPN servicewe have developed a set of internal policies. They regulate the use of servers, which are located in jurisdictions with weak privacy protection.

Do not buy property in unfriendly countries

Once you have a piece of property in another jurisdiction, you should be aware of the possibility of expropriation, especially in unfriendly and authoritarian regimes. For this reason, we deliver our service in such countries using third-party equipment and facilities instead of having physical presence in them. There have been cases of services’ hardware being confiscated and servers being tapped and bugged on what their governments said was a legal basis. We have to use all possible ways to free citizens from the tough control, provide stable and safe Internet connection and protect personal data.

Choose partners properly

Every time we need to deal with a high-risk area, we do a comprehensive research to find a reliable partner. We choose only partners who work in keeping with the same goals and principles as we do. Finding a reliable partner and launching servers in a high-risk country can be difficult and time-taking. After finding one, we need to do some technical procedures to minimize the risk of losing one and, consequently, the connection. Once again we say: do not rely on free VPNs!

Use dedicated hardware only

BroVPN uses physical (bare-metal) servers, not virtual ones. Thus we ensure thorough and stable control, and we use this approach in all countries, not only high-risk ones. Bare-metal ones meet all standards and can be adjusted to an extent of being BroVPN-dedicated. This makes them hard to compromise, and we will stick to this policy regardless of security level provided in a host country.

Place values above borders

We are aware that in high-risk countries, infrastructure providers and servers are more vulnerable to intelligence and law enforcement activities, and traffic is more likely to have been put under surveillance. There are places, where this kind of monitoring and data collection is a norm, and there is no way for a single IT connection but to surrender to the pressure. BroVPN uses a security infrastructure, which limits the load of data, which surveillance and law enforcement agencies can collect. This could make them want to press harder on us and force us to log data on users’ online activity. This is something we cannot do, because we strictly follow a no-logs policy and we’d rather leave the place than abandon our values.

Being open to everyone

Transparency is a number-one priority of any reliable VPN provider. We are open about ourselves and do not have any secrets from clients, existing or potential. Right now, BroVPN has grown into a global network. The larger we grow, the more critical transparency is going to be. We are never silent about privacy issues, should we have any, and we notify community members every time we face difficulty keeping to our privacy policy in a high-risk area and have to shut down servers. We take steps to let the community know in what countries we are going to settle and inform everyone about privacy risks that are likely to occur in a particular region.

Sadly, there are lots of regions in the world, where online privacy is under pressure, which won’t let go. However, we cannot surrender them, because if we did, we would have to run servers in two or three countries, which are low-risk ones, and would not be able to provide IT access to our community. We want all users to know the threat model, use advanced security features, so we enable them to use VPN services around the globe. We want everyone to enjoy freedom of word and Internet, wherever they are.

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