Vote for Your Favorite Performer with BroVPN!

Vote for Your Favorite Performer with BroVPN!

The 2019 Teen Choice Awards is an annual awards show, which honors young men and women aged 13 to 19, who have made great achievements in sports, movies, music, arts, etc. Once every year fans prepare to vote for their favorite nominees. Participants, who gain the largest number of votes, are winners. The voting is organized through social media sites, but it is available for US residents only.

The show is hosted by one or several celebrities. The first show took place in August 1999, and it was hosted by Britney Spears. The awards ceremony is very colorful, as it consists of a several musical performances. Winners get custom-crafted surfboards as a symbol of the joys of summer holidays. This year, the show took place on August 11, 2019, and it was aired on the Fox channel.

How Do I Vote on This and Other Shows from Outside the USA?

Officially, only residents of the USA, Puerto Rico, DC and the Virgin Islands can vote. However, there are ways around the restriction. Particularly, if you are traveling, working, studying, living abroad, on vacation in another country, there is an option, which will help you to vote for your beloved musician, artist, athlete, etc. Here is how you can do it.

Your Internet service provider locates you by your IP address. Therefore, once you try to access the website and attempt to vote, the system accepts or rejects your inquiry based on where you are. In order to vote, it is imperative that you enter the website from an IP address located in the USA.

If you set up a VPN connection, you will be able to use different IP addresses located in the USA. Once you do, whatever website you visit, it will accept you as a resident of the country, in which your current IP-address is located. Likewise, the Teen Choice Awards website will accept you as a US citizen, so you will be able to vote for your favorite nominee. With BroVPN you can bypass the geo-restriction.

This is easy game. All you need to do is register with BroVPN (enter your email and password), download and install the client on your PC or mobile device. The USA is one of the countries, where BroVPN has its services. Once you connect to a server located in the USA, you become a legitimate Teen Choice Award voter. Now that you know how to do it, you just need to wait one year until the voting opens and guess who is going to win next time!

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