Trust in BroVPN, but Lock Your Car: Tips for Vacationers

Trust in BroVPN, but Lock Your Car: Tips for Vacationers

Sometimes we need to take a break and relax, and this is the time when we get more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Cybersecurity is more important for common user than you can think. Leaving your PC or device unsecured is like leaving your home for two months with doors and windows open. There are lots of hackers who track users’ devices for months to determine when they are active and when they are not. When they see someone not using it for several days, they strike. You may end up with either your vacation spoiled or finding your resource devastated upon returning. No matter where you go and for how long, you should take security seriously and do your best to protect your assets. 

If you run into a data security trouble, BroVPN will always by your side. However, we want you to join us in making things better for you. We cannot do it alone. We need your help. There are a few simple information security rules, which we expect you to follow, as we cooperate with you in helping you to really relax and enjoy your trip.

Connect via VPN

If you are going to use the Internet while traveling (for purposes other than job), you should take care of your cybersecurity. The safest way to connect when on the road is to connect via VPN. There are good reasons why you’d better not connect via centralized servers and prefer VPN connection. The most common ones are security risks and geo-restrictions.

Also, it is mandatory that you do a little research and choose a VPN provider, which could serve your individual purposes, ensure security and quick connection. BroVPN has a number of features and functions, and it is increasingly popular among travelers and vacationers.

Most likely, you are going to use public WiFi in hotels, airports, railroad stations, cafes, etc. Using these public hotspots poses a serious risk of data leak. VPN connection can be a strong part of cybersecurityBroVPN hires a team of Internet security experts, who will keep you comfortable, wherever you are.

Although VPN connection does guarantee a high degree of safety, it is not recommended to open websites, which require the use of confidential and private information. Do not use online banking services or carry out any transactions when going online via public WiFi hotspots. Keep the automatic WiFi connection and Bluetooth on your device off.

General information security rules

The very first thing you do is lock your websites and resources, especially the ones you use for transactions. Use only strong and unique passwords to secure your accounts. If you have to leave your device unused for the vacation period, delete any and all confidential information from it. Store your data on a hard drive and keep it locked in a place where no one can get it. You can store it in a paper form as well. All cybersecurity can be useless if your password is too weak.

Take steps to ensure maximal security – both cybersecurity and a ‘physical’ one – in case of loss (this often happens on the road). If you have an iPhone or Android, most likely, it has a Remote Wiping and Find My Device functions. The former should be used in case a phone is stolen, so you can ruin all data on your phone before the thief accesses it. The latter enables you to trace your device and find it. Always have a backup of your most important and/or favorite files and store them on external hard drives or use cloud data storage services.

Keep an eye on your device all the time, especially in public places. Always take it with you, even when you need to go to a bathroom. Do not leave it unsupervised even if it is a 30-second departure.

Keep it clean

Check all apps that you have on the device and be sure you have only those that you use regularly. There are apps, which can track the user’s locations, and all of them do store personal data. To minimize the risk of data loss, remove apps, which you do not use, from your device. Check all the apps, which you are going to use and set them up to collect the right type of data. 

Do not share too much of your information

While BroVPN can encrypt your IT connection against intruders, it cannot keep your home secure. If you are traveling with your family and there is no one to look after your home, do not be too eager to broadcast your experience by posting photos/vids and commenting in social media. Do not share the time of your departure/arrival in social media. This information is a gift for potential burglars, who can use the timeframe and break into your home while you are absent.

Do not use public PCs or devices

Public PCs and devices lack cybersecurity and may have malware. It is not uncommon for hotels to offer public devices for their clients. It is highly unadvisable to use these devices unless you really have to. If it is an emergency situation and you do not have much choice, try not to visit resources, which require entry of personal data. If you need to do so badly, delete any and all of your data when you are finished. But if you have at least minimal time – download VPN for free and use VPN connectionBroVPN offers you free VPN download everywhere.

Be careful with promotional drives!

If you happen to get a USB drive or another accessory as a promotional gift during your trip, please, do not be in a hurry to use it. Do not trust those bought at online stores or from individuals either. There is nothing to guarantee that they are free of malware. Cybersecurity first of all.

Check and clean it again.

If you have installed any apps of files during your trip and are not planning to use them anymore, uninstall and delete them as soon as you are back home. Thus you will have more space on the hard drive, and fewer vulnerabilities.


Now, back to the beginning: BroVPN is a team of experienced and customer-oriented professionals carrying out the sacred duty of keeping cybersecurity. But this is not a one-way road! We expect you to share effort with us. Just follow these simple tips, and together we will build a healthy IT environment, where safety and trust will reign supreme.

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