Tor or VPN?

Tor or VPN?

Both Tor and VPN are effective tools that show you ways around surveillance and censorship in the Internet. Here is a little stuff on why you may want to use these options. 

Every time you go online, especially via WiFi, you expose your device and whatever you have on it to possible hacker attacks or spy activities from security services. They can track every site you visit, message you send/receive, piece of content you post and locate you by your IP address. This sounds like a very frustrating prospect. Happily, there are tools that can get you out of the trouble, including IP spoofing tools.

Read the post and see what you like and dislike about Tor and VPN and make your choice right now.

How Tor works?

The Tor Project has provided us a free software tool that boasts some unique security features. The program has helped lots of journalists, human rights activists and media networks, who are experiencing an increasing pressure from governmental authorities. Sadly, this is not only common to authoritarian countries any more. The program got its share of notoriety, as Edward Snowden used it to disclose confidential information about NSA. 

There are so called onion sites, which are compatible with Tor only and cannot be viewed otherwise. These sites have a specific type of architecture, which creates a series of barriers against censorship. Tor enables you to connect to these sites easily and communicate anonymously.

It is very secure, because Tor encrypts your connection and distributes it among a large number of Tor servers located around the globe. It is impossible for security services to monitor a significant part of the Tor network (to say nothing of the entire network), so there is no possibility that your real IP address will ever be identified – IP spoofing is perfect here. As you go online and view a website, your traffic passes through multiple Tor nodes, and the site will only see the IP address of the last node. Your actual IP address will remain invisible.

Tor and VPN together

VPN services like BroVPN provide another secure way to communicate online. They encrypt the communication channel between VPN servers and users’ devices, so that websites do not see the actual IP address. This prevents hackers and surveillance agents from tracking your activity. There are lots of such services, and it takes a bit of patience and research to choose the right one. So why choosing between Tor and VPN, while you can use both?

It is possible to use Tor and VPN at the same time. Thus you create a kind of multilayer defense line, as VPN encryption conceals your IP address and other data from the Tor entry server. It is this server (node), which many hackers attack as they try to get private information. VPN service BroVPN will help you code some of the traffic, which Tor does not code. Finally, your ISP will not be aware that you are using Tor. Finally, if you choose to use Tor and VPN together, you will be able to access onion sites, such as Facebook, The New York Times, etc. 

It should be noted that not all types of traffic are supported by Tor. Particularly, it supports UDP, but does not support TCP, as VPN does. BroVPN can be configured to handle both types. This is a VPN provider you can trust, because, although it sees users’ IP addresses, it does not log their activities. Neither does it share this information with any services. Here at BroVPN we share with our users information both about our advantages and disadvantages. We do not shy away from discussing our drawbacks and say about what we cannot protect them against. It should be noted that not all paid and especially free VPN services keep to this ethical way of behavior. Free VPN services, excluding those that subsidized by their own paid versions, should be avoided, because they are notoriously slow and unsecure.

BroVPN and Tor

The Tor browser and plugin are available on the website. Also, there is a Tor OS, which you can install on your device. BroVPN will make it easy for you to connect to the Tor service access onion sites. This pattern ensures high privacy, as it creates two layers of protection. You will have zero difficulty connecting to onion sites.

With BroVPN, you can combine Tor and VPN and encrypt your connection throughout the networks. Now, neither your ISP, nor any of the Tor nodes will be able to see your IP address. If you want to use a secure and free VPN service – BroVPN is definitely your choice.

If you have decided to use BroVPN, sign up right now. It is possible to have a free account and try it in the demo mode – just create account and download VPN for free. After a while, you may want to use other advanced features, so you will be able to upgrade the free account. To connect to Tor via BroVPN, please, read instructions thoroughly.

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