Today you need a VPN more than ever, but how to determine whether the network is legal?

Today you need a VPN more than ever, but how to determine whether the network is legal?

The state continues to attack the freedom of the Internet. We are talking not only about Russia as it is a global process. The Internet community’s response is just as global: a virtual private network (VPN) is becoming more widespread. It is so common that fake VPN services have already appeared (fraudulent programs disguised as free VPN). So, how to distinguish a real VPN from a fake VPN? Read the article to learn more!

We have mentioned many times the fact that a free VPN is not really a good idea. Free VPN services usually have an inadequate level of protection, but today the situation is even worse: scammers create fake VPN services! Although, the virtual private network is being used by more and more people, targeted marketing is also gaining momentum. More and more advertisers, spammers and other unpleasant persons are interested in your clicks. If you want to protect yourself from them using a VPN (the right move!), then you need to understand the difference between the real VPN and the fake one.

If you don’t use at least a free VPN proxy, then detractors can start earning money on you (read, for example, our article about buying air tickets), and in the worst case they can steal your confidential data. Unfortunately, people who don’t use a VPN often get in such situations.

There is another good reason to use VPN. It is state censorship. If you had a situation when you wanted to find out some formation on the site and it was blocked by the state, then you understand what it is about. If you do not understand it yet, eventually you will unfortunately come across of it. Censorship “doesn't care” whether you support the ruling party or not. Various sites with information that you may need are being blocked for everyone. Especially if you have business contacts with the residents of “enemy-countries” you need to use a VPN.

We can look at the example of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict: freelancers and entrepreneurs on both sides of the border who did not use the virtual private network, were literally cut off from each other with the beginning of the conflict.

As we have already said in our articles, a great popularity of VPNs breeds a high interest of fraudsters. Fake VPNs continue mushrooming. Since most users have a weak idea of a VPN proxy, fraudsters make full use of it. Nevertheless, one of the goals of this blog is to tell people how a virtual private network works, so below we will list the main things that should alert you when choosing a VPN.

  • Advertising of the VPN service via email - it is a resin for alarm. How did the VPN service (that you do not use) get your email? It is logical that from some database purchased with a certain mercenary purpose.
  • Advertising is too good. The virtual private network you are reading about is positioned like a paradise on earth, like an oasis in the scorched desert of the dangerous Internet? A lot of functions, everything is free, and the provider does not have a premium version? Don’t trust it.
  • There is no technical support or it is frankly weak. If the virtual private network has bad tech support or does not have it at all, this is a serious reason for suspicion. A virtual private network is not a ‘Minesweeper’ game, but a sophisticated program that has been professionally configured. Therefore, a good VPN should have proper technical support, which is able to consult you on various questions. No technical support, or they don’t answer you? It is likely that this is a fake VPN.
  • The virtual private network has no accounts in social networks. Seriously? It's 2019 now! Even seals, robots, fictional characters and chicken eggs have social network accounts! Do you really believe that such a serious service as a VPN can manage without having accounts on different social sites ?May be there are accounts but they are empty, or without efficient correspondence with users or all the subscribers are bots. It seems that such a service is not so serious. Or, more likely, this is a fake VPN.

A good VPN: now you know how to choose it

Use the tips above to distinguish a real VPN from a Fake VPN. There is one more tip: read the reviews. Lots of them. Thoughtfully. Distinguish real reviews from bots’ comments. Read the articles on our website - we tell a lot about the main features of a good VPN. Test BroVPN - it's free and safe: our free version is supported by the premium one, so we don’t sale logs (we do not save them in principle). With the right VPN you are totally safe when using the Internet!

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