No Off-The-Cuffing with VPN: Choose the Most Trustworthy Provider

No Off-The-Cuffing with VPN: Choose the Most Trustworthy Provider

There are scores of guidelines on who and what a VPN service is and why you should use it. However, there should be more information about what makes a good VPN service. How to choose VPN provider that is reliable instead of getting stuck with an unscrupulous or scam service?

We are witnessing a kind of VPN rise, as there is a growing number of users wanting to secure their data from ISPs, which can sell them without users’ knowledge and/or permission. It happens because there are many services that use unethical ways of gaining profit by selling private information. Good VPN services have tools that are capable of protecting users against this kind of infringement. 

However, there are free VPN services galore out there, and not all of them are worth getting involved with. Right VPN selection can both protect your data and keep your connection ticking even in countries where censorship is increasingly tough: the USA, the UK, Germany, France, Russia, Middle East countries, China, etc. BroVPN is there to help you build a secure IT connection and enjoy the freedom of Internet. 

Right VPN selection depends on why you want to use it. If you need to connect via an IP located in another country, you should take care to find a service, which provides access to foreign servers, because not all of them do. You can choose from 48 countries. Once you do, you can be sure that BroVPN is the only one who controls these servers. IP addresses are not stored permanently, and we do not share logs with anyone. You can use any of the popular protocols, including, but not limited to Smart DNS, HTTP Proxy, OpenVPN, etc. 

Others make VPN selection because ISPs often impose restrictions, as they experience pressure from governmental authorities. As a result, users cannot open some sites within their home jurisdictions. Please, make sure your VPN provider has the right option. BroVPN provide ways around restrictions and censorship ensure quick and easy access to their favorite resources. 

Another reason why one may want to use VPN provider is because they use WiFi all the time and want a secure connection. BroVPN offers you an opportunity to encrypt your connection without any detriment to speed. Choose an encryption with a speed of up to AES-256 and enjoy life. When looking for a VPN provider, especially a free VPN service, make sure it offers several types of connection, so you can choose the best one you can afford.

It is absolutely imperative that you check a VPN’s privacy policy prior to signing up with it. Far not all VPN services can be trusted. It is advisable to read user feedback, off which there are tons in the Internet. Please, choose a service, which does not log your data (passwords, user names, etc.) to ensure it will not be sold to any third party. BroVPN will not log any data reflecting websites you have visited.

Under no circumstances get involved with free VPN services that are not subsidized by their own paid version. Do you know where they get money ever for maintenance? There are good reasons to avoid them, such as poor interface, slow work and, most important, use of malware. BroVPN’s income source is clear and fair: our clients who use premium BroVPN version.

Internet security is not to be trifled with. Failure to keep your device and/or resource secure can lead to serious issues. We fight for your privacy rights, help you circumvent barriers and provide high quality and secure connection, wherever you are. There are hundreds of paid and free VPN services out there, but we advise all our customers to think twice before making the final choice.

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