Make the Internet Free Again!

Make the Internet Free Again!

In European Union, a new law has been issued – and it really resonated all around the world. We speak about General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The reason for this law was good, as usual – to oblige media and other information businesses to prove their financial reliability. But outcome was unexpected and quite shocking: lots of media companies, including American media giants like LA News or Washington Post, decided not to waste time and money… and simply ignored this obligation. Well, what comes next, if you ignore law issued by your state? You know it. State comes to you and intelligibly says that you are bad boy. In very persuasive way. In this case, all sites ignored GDPR, can now be banned in EU and Great Britain (yep, Brits signed GDPR too, despite Brexit). And these bans have already started. Oh, they ban global media? They clearly understand it and don’t care. Site ignores new rules? Site unavailable. Any site. What about brand-like European rights and freedoms? No matter. Now.

So, the outcome for many millions of EU citizens was sad. They lost access to any website that doesn’t match with GRDP, including many favorite channels and news portals. And even now we don’t know when European users will get back their access to any website that was blocked after this… misunderstanding.

Even Brits have suffered – maybe they suffered more than their continental neighbors. They’ve been cut off from very large English content, very popular in their country. Tracking information – in good way – is now banned for them. And it’s not good. In any way.

Just imagine: English-speaking media, that you read every morning, like your grandpa was reading morning newspapers, are gone. Site unavailable. Just because of General Data Protection Regulation. More like that it ‘protects’ your favorite information sources from you!

We can discuss about GRDP for a long time. But our mission as VPN provider is not to discuss. BroVPN is here to help you regain access to any website blocked by your government. We are free VPN and a good one. You know, there are lots of ‘completely free’ VPN services with unknown sources of funding… well, it’s known in most cases. They just sell users’ personal data to spammers. Ruining not only their own reputation, but else the idea of free VPN and Internet Freedom itself. BroVPN doesn’t need to do such dirty things. We obtain money from our premium version. Yep, we have both free VPN and premium VPN, so our income source is clear and safe.

Even if you don’t live in European Union, Great Britain or any other territory that adopted GRDP or same law, you can suffer from it. If you work in European company, even outside European Union territory, this company has to follow and respect GRDP. So you will lose access to any website banned after GRDP adoption. Of course, if you use BroVPN, everything will be okay. You will still have access to any website you want – BroVPN supports Internet Freedom worldwide. And we will continue our mission. Join us and make Internet completely free again!

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