What is important about privacy and protecting it?

What is important about privacy and protecting it?

Although privacy is an integral element of democracy, there is a growing statistics of online privacy violations in different countries, including those traditionally believed to be democratic. Meanwhile, privacy is important part of our modern life. How to protect personal data in Big Bro era?

 Unfortunately, the reality is pretty tough. Anonymity on the Internet is rare today. Technical progress has produced tons of smart solutions, which are often used against us. Today, it is no longer uncommon for us to receive offers from stores and services, which are or no interest for us, or get congratulatory messages from someone we do not know. If you have any of these or more, part of your personal information has gotten out into the open. Why is this so bad?

Privacy rights are fundamental. And so has to be anonymity on the Internet

Article 12 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) frees all people from any interference with their private lives. With technology growing more sophisticated every day, these rights are becoming increasingly vulnerable. This has prompted lawmakers from around the world to join efforts and come up with even stronger data protection initiatives. The process generates new problems and issues – like how to protect personal data – which should be monitored by recognized and experienced experts. The UN Human Rights Council appointed such an expert in 2015. Privacy is of paramount importance for the European Union, as it accepted the GDPR in 2018.

Privacy makes safety

Every time you visit a site or post a comment online, you leave a piece of data in the system, which your Internet service provider and, possibly, hackers, detect immediately. This could help them figure out your life mode, hobbies, behaviors, and even health status. Once someone lays a hand on the data, it can be used against you in different situations. For example, there have been cases when hackers used sensitive information to blackmail their victims. Also, a business whale might be behind a hacker group trying to get you out of his or her way. Most commonly, they collect users’ pictures and bio to build fake profiles and spam on their behalf. Therefore, you should be very careful during such moments and you should not post information about yourself on impulse. You should know how to protect personal data.

Freedom of speech

Privacy is integral element of freedom of speech, as there are a variety of groups, for who it is vital to secure their ideas and visions against any breach or harassment. These include political and business groups, publishing houses, journalist communities, etc. These are spheres where competition often gets out of hand and explodes in unfair, unscrupulous and even violent actions. Protecting anonymity on the Internet and improving ways how to protect personal data is one of BroVPN’s main and universal goals.

Secure your reputation

There is hardly a person out there who has nothing to hide from others. There is always something about your personal life that you want to keep quiet about. This can be difficult in this high-tech age. It's important to know how to protect personal data, when every little piece of it can be modified and interpreted in an embarrassing way and stain your reputation. This can be really life-changing. This is one of the reasons why personal data is so valuable an asset for hackers, governments, business persons and security services. Too bad, you cannot delete this information from the Internet. The only way to ensure a better life is being cautions when sharing personal information and not sharing too much of it.

Browse secretly!

Please, do not hesitate to use private browsing modes when using popular browsers like Firefox, Chrome, etc. If you use this mode, no cache, cookies or browsing history will be stored on your PC or device. Consequently, no one will be able to track pages you have visited or trace any action you have made online. Although this does not guarantee full and complete anonymity, the option does provide a degree of security.

Subscribe to a reliable VPN provider 

Any paid or free VPN service connection implies that you build a protected tunnel between your device and the VPN server, through which your traffic goes prior to getting out into the global network. As a result, target websites cannot see your IP address. This makes it difficult for intruders to spy on you. To ensure an even higher security level, you can use VPN service in combination with services like Tor.

However, it is imperative that you sign up with a reputable and trustworthy VPN serviceVPN services do have access to users’ personal data too. Choose a provider like BroVPN, as we do not log our clients’ data or share it with third parties.

Good way how to protect personal data – encrypt your messages

Here, at BroVPN, you can enjoy safe and secure messaging and reduce the likelihood of data theft. There have been a lot of cases with hackers attacking the servers of large and respected companies like LinkedIn, as well as attacks against major crypto-exchangers. An end-to-end encryption can be quite a solution, as it makes messages invisible for attackers, even if a breach does take place. Another good way to avoid trouble is using open-source encrypted messaging applications, which work on the same end-to-end basis.


No anonymity on the Internet without security

There are several ways you can keep your private information in secret and device protected. Modern devices have an encryption function, which could help you prevent data theft even if you have lost your device or it has fallen into the wrong hands. Modern OSs do have such features. Second, you should be more careful when setting passwords. Make sure it is strong enough. Do not use the same password for several accounts. Use 2FA (two-factor authentication) when you can. BroVPN recommends you to get a 2FA app instead of using SMS, because it is much more vulnerable.

Check the privacy policy

There are too many companies that sell private data to third parties or submit it upon governments’ requests. Please, take your time and read the privacy policy prior to signing up with and a service and installing its software on your device. 

Watch it!

There is no one or nothing that can give you a better protection than yourself! Please, follow the recommendations and teach your family members to take proper steps to ensure online privacy and prevent any breach and/or violation of your privacy rights.

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