How to find the cheapest tickets with VPN

How to find the cheapest tickets with VPN

VPN service provides many bonuses in terms of security and privacy of your personal data. However, not everyone knows that VPN networks can still be beneficial in the most direct financial sense! For example, do you like the idea to buy a ticket cheaper using a paid or free VPN service? With the help of VPN service, it’s quite easy to rent a room cheaper by tens of dollars or euros! In this article, we will tell you how to do it.

How to buy a ticket cheaper using a VPN network

For residents of different regions of the world, air tickets and hotels cost differently. VPN networks allow you to avoid this ... or use it to your advantage!

Here is how it works. For people located in different parts of our planet, there are different prices on the same flights and places of accommodation. The same situation happens if you check the availability of specific air tickets or rooms at hotels from the same IP address many times. The airline or hotel understands that you are a very “hot” client and can manipulate it. Or not, if you are using a VPN network! Air tickets can cost crazy money for people living in the remote parts of Russia, such as Sakhalin or Yakutia, but they can also find cheap plane tickets, using VPN service and hiding their real location.

Of course, airlines and hotels are aware of this. Therefore, they determine your geolocation not only by an IP-address, but also in other ways:

Cookies: These are files ‘reminders’ created with the good aim to speed up the user access to sites which he has already visited. Airlines and hotels can see your cookies (more precisely, access to the site through them), and change the price. Does a person monitor the site again and again? This means he really needs this air ticket or room! “We will charge up little by little, time after time - then he will understand that the price won’t be lower, it can only increase!” So, the person will buy a product, until it becomes more expensive. The logic of this business is something like this.

● Wi-Fi: Every Wi-Fi hotspot also has its own IP, giving out your location to everyone. It will happen, even if you have deleted Cookies, before connecting to this Wi-Fi hotspot.

Geolocation of a mobile phone: yes, the sites of tour operators, airlines and hotels also process this data. Therefore, if you want to buy a plane ticket or get a room for a smaller price, turn off geolocation before entering such a site from your mobile phone.

So, how to buy a ticket cheaper?

Nevertheless, we have a VPN! And as you remember, paid or free VPN service change your real IP address for another one, and not just another one, but located far away from you. For example, if you connect to BroVPN, you will get access to 11 servers in different parts of the world and we continue to increase the geography of our servers. Connecting to BroVPN is beneficial in the most direct sense you can choose and test where to buy a plane ticket as cheap as possible! Just do not forget to clean Cookies, disable geolocation and do not use public Wi-Fi hotspots.

The procedure is very simple:

1. Connect to BroVPN by pre-cleaning Cookies and disabling geolocation.

2. Select a VPN server that is NOT located at the place of your arrival and departure.

3. Enjoy the price difference and buy a plane ticket cheaply.

Why is it important to connect to BroVPN from the server, which is NOT located in the region you are going to visit?

If you are not planning a very exotic tour in a poor country, most likely, you will fly to the region, one way or another popular among tourists. This means that it will be complicated to get a room cheaper for the person staying in such region. That makes sense: if you want to rent a room in a popular region, with high probability you are a tourist who has come to spend money on various things! Moreover, a tourist who has already arrived and is urgently looking for a hotel. Of course, such a person is willing to pay more! 

However, there is one exception. It does not always work  you need to test it. But it is so. If you want to buy a plane ticket cheaper, it makes sense to connect to BroVPN from the country where the airline's head office is located. There are special conditions for locals  so why don't you take an advantage of it! Experiment and save with BroVPN!

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