How do I play Pokemon Go if I cannot access it from my country or during a trip?

How do I play Pokemon Go if I cannot access it from my country or during a trip?

Pokemon Go game is a world-wide popular interactive augmented reality app developed by Niantic Inc., the USA. Launched in July 2016, the game continues to attract crowds of young and not so young boys and girls from around the globe. Pokemon Go game is available for Android and iOS users who get exciting experiences of creating, fighting, capturing, designing, etc. 

The game uses GPS and requires that a player physically walks around his or her location to find a Pokemon. For this reason, playing it from a PC is not possible. The player gets a map of the real location and has to track and chase virtual Pokemons until he/she finds one. The intertwining of the real and virtual worlds makes it one-of-a-kind. Pokemon Go game is not the kind of game where virtual reality takes the place of the real world. Digital elements blend into the real environment and stimulate a new form of perception. The integration contributes to a new kind of immersive experience with real objects enhanced by digital information. 

Once a player finds a wild Pokemon (it should just pop up on the screen), he/she should throw a Poke Ball at it. Once the ball hits a Pokemon, it engulfs it, and the Pokemon is added to the player’s collection. The enhanced reality and simplicity have put the game on the list of the most used ones. Some game reports say that more than 100 million users joined the community within just a couple of weeks since its inception.

Initially, the Pokemon Go game was available in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and Germany. The Pokemon Go game expanded to these countries over a few days. Over the two years that followed, the game became available in about 70 countries. Right now, Pokemon Go game is available in most countries of the world. In China, there is the Great Chinese Firewall that blocks this kind of games. In Russia, the game became available in 2018, two years after its introduction. Still, there are lots of countries, where Pokemon Go game is still not available.

Right now, apart from China, the game is not available in the Middle East and many countries of Africa. Residents of those countries have to look for different ways to run Pokemon Go. For example, users in China have to buy game identifiers at an Australian app store or use GPS spoofing. This trick to lock bypass works, but there’s more simple way. Free VPN service.

VPN will give you access to Pokemon Go

If the game is still unavailable in your country or you are traveling to such a place, you’d better hurry up to find ways around the barrier, because the experience is really worth it. BroVPN is a free VPN service, which can help you connect to a server outside of your country and play the game just like everyone else. We have both VPN for Android and VPN for iOS. Set up an encrypted connection using our service and virtually move to a Pokemon Go game friendly country. You will need to download the respective app. Just do the following:


1. Visit the BroVPN official website and register. It is an easy game: just enter your email address!

2. Take your free VPN: download the setup file and install the app on your PC/mobile device

3. Choose a country and a server and connect

4. Once you get a VPN connection, open the App Store / Google Play, look up and download the Pokemon Go game

Once you get it onto your device, you can enjoy it. It will work like clock, and you will forget that it is not available in your place in seconds.

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