How can you install VPN on your iPhone or Android? Why should you do it?

How can you install VPN on your iPhone or Android? Why should you do it?

You probably know why you need a VPN on your computer (and if not, read other articles in our blog). Nevertheless, mobile VPN is also very important! Today, there are both VPN services for Android and iPhone. After reading this article, you will understand how to configure VPN on your phone, and why it is so important.

Mobile Internet has not just confidently won the lead among all ways of viewing content and communicating in social networks. It also continues to break away from the "competitors", and every year takes an increasing share. However, this trend attracts various attackers - hackers, spammers and other unpleasant characters. These two factors explain why mobile VPN is also becoming increasingly important.


VPN for iPhone and VPN for Android: today they are very significant 

Mobile technologies have broken into our lives even in a more unpredictable way, than science fiction writers of the 20th century could have imagined. We actually “moved” to mobile phones, and it’s not just that we communicate with everyone via these gadgets, including our nearest and dearest people. We make purchases, transfer confidential information, and use mobile bank services. Of course, we expect that all these data will be totally confidential. But what are we doing for this?

How often do we connect to public Wi-Fi hotspots in cafes, public transport or just in the urban environment? We do this without any anxiety. Meanwhile, public Wi-Fi routers are extremely vulnerable to hacking, and many of these hotspots do not even have a password. This is the first answer to the question why you need a VPN for mobile devices. You should set up a VPN on your phone, because it encrypts everything that you transmit to the web. Proper installing of the VPN app on your phone is the first step that you can do right now. Fortunately, now you are reading the blog of the VPN service, which has a free version.

Moreover, you should install and configure VPN on the phone because it is profitable in the strict sense. Besides, a VPN setting can be different - and in different cases, it can provide various benefits. We are talking about the situation when you buy some kind of product, an air ticket or just want to book hotel online. It will probably surprise you (although if you have read other articles in our blog, you already know this) but there are different prices on the same goods, depending on your location while making an order. Sometimes the prices are very different. After setting up a VPN on your phone, you can test VPN servers from different parts of the world (for example, BroVPN has servers in 11 countries and its number is constantly growing) and figure out how to use a VPN service with maximum benefit.

Finally, another reason to install and configure a VPN on the phone is to bypass state censorship. In many countries, access to a number of 'unfriendly' sites and entire social networks is limited. However, you shouldn’t care about the relationship of the politicians! You want to view your favorite content, chat with friends or run a business in the social networks, wherever you are! To do all these things, you need to install and configure VPN on your phone.


Choosing a VPN: what a good mobile VPN service should provide

Both VPN services for Android and iPhone should have a number of qualities. Unless, you want to enjoy all the benefits of a good VPN service and keep total confidentiality of your data. The first thing you should pay attention to is the fact that a good mobile VPN service should have both a free and a premium version. Why is it important? Because in this case, the source of getting money of the VPN provider is obvious: this is the monthly fee from the premium version. If you are offered an “absolutely free VPN", which does not have a premium version in principle, than just think, from where such a VPN service takes money at least for self-sufficiency, not to mention getting a profit. In the best-case scenario, the service will just show advertisements. At worst, it will sell your logs to spammers or various attackers. This is not just a devaluation of the VPN idea itself - it is a security and privacy threat. To you. Using such a mobile VPN is not only meaningless, but simply dangerous.

What other parameters a good mobile VPN service should have 

Strong modern encryption

The problem of free mobile VPNs (and non-mobile ones too) that do not have a premium version is that they have to economize on everything, including your security. A significant number of free VPNs do not have encryption at all and are only suitable for avoiding the censorship. Every year the situation is becoming worse and worse - because they use outdated protocols, which can be decrypted by the state. BroVPN uses modern 256-bit encryption and the OpenVPN protocol. This combination allows you to bypass government censorship and encrypt your data with a cipher with an insane amount of combinations that can’t be even hacked by supercomputers.

Connection speed and number of VPN servers

We dedicated an entire article to the theme of VPN slowing down the Internet speed. There we talked about VPN for PC, but we face the same situation while working with mobile VPNs. If a VPN service has a small number of servers, the Internet speed will slow down very noticeably, and it will not be possible to set up a VPN on the phone in any way. However, if you use a premium version, then with any number of servers you will be a priority client. Here you can set up VPN on your phone to ensure the highest possible speed.

Are there different limits?

Sometimes a free VPN service limits traffic and / or speed. Well, if this applies only to the free version. If there are also limitations to a premium version than it is a reason to think whether you need such a mobile VPN or not.

VPN for iPhone and VPN for Android: do I need to select them separately? The answer is simple: if a VPN service you have chosen does not have a version for the smartphone — a mobile VPN — then you have to choose another one. However, we recommend not to choose such a VPN service which doesn’t have a mobile version. For example, BroVPN provides such a functionality.


Why are mobile VPNs so important, if you actively use a smartphone?

We hope you know an obvious answer to this question. Today, smartphones have become almost “companions” of modern men. You transfer a huge amount of data via your smartphone, including confidential and very personal information. Do you want this data to be protected, or do you hope that a hacker or spammer will not see your secrets? If the first - you totally need a mobile VPN!

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