Hide Your IP Address Properly

Hide Your IP Address Properly

An IP address can be used to identify you in various ways. Hackers and surveillance can use it to monitor your online activity and even locate your house. This makes many users want to know how to hide IP address

 The term is familiar to every user of the Internet, because IP is inalienable part of the global architecture. It is an element that provides a connection between computers and mobile devices and ensures communication. On the other hand, an IP address is a unique set of digits and numbers, by which every user can be identified. Therefore, many users use every way to hide IP address. This post describes a few methods of IP protection, which help you to hide IP address from potential observers. Here you will learn what exactly an IP address is, why you may want to conceal it. Finally, you will learn how to do that.

What is it?

Any IP (Internet Protocol) address consists of digits and numbers separated by points. These combinations a kind of name PCs, mobile devices, routers, etc., and thus form and maintain channels of communication between them. The communication would not be possible without them, just like it would not be possible to send a message to someone without having his or her email address at hand. 

An IP address consists of four blocks of numbers, each block presenting a value from 0 to 255 and therefore enabling 256 possible variants. The whole system enables large number of possible combinations.

Tracking an IP address is easy game for IT specialists. They log users visits of websites and other activities like messaging and posting content. Finally, Internet service providers have IP addresses on their fingertips and can identify one instantly.

Given the above, an IP address can be regarded as personal information, any use of which should be regulated by privacy laws. The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) of the European Union regulates the use of IP addresses within the territory.

But there is always a possibility of a breach of the legislation, so there is nothing to guarantee that your IP address cannot be compromised. And that’s why you need a decent IP protection.

What is likely to happen?

There is always someone on the watch-out for personal information. There are lots of ways they can handle it. In some cases, users end up with their IP addresses tracked by advertisers. This is relatively harmless, as they get nothing but unwanted ads popping up. However, sometimes things get worse. That’s why you want to know how to hide IP address – here are the most common issues resulting from IP address misuse:

  • Advertisement – Major companies (YouTube, Google, etc.) track users’ browsing, calculate their preferences and, based on the information, send personalized ads to them. Although ads do not do much harm, they can be annoying. But if you know how to hide IP address, you can avoid annoying ads.

  • Censorship – Although the Internet is traditionally believed to be an area of freedom and openness, it experiences an increasing pressure from oppressive governments and businesses. It is no longer uncommon for users to find their favorite websites blocked. Some companies use this tactics to do away with competitors.  

  • Downloading – Criminals practice illegal downloading of pirated or obscene media content (audio, video, etc.) with the use of someone else’s IP address without IP protection. Thus they get away from law enforcement and put innocent users in danger of being prosecuted for the crimes they did not commit.

  • DDoS attacks – Distributed denial-of-service attacks can cause you a whole load of trouble, as you lose access to the Internet. This can be a disaster for those who run a business online. This happens when criminals get users’ IP addresses and get malicious data on your PC or mobile device, in an effort to get advantages over you or get you out of their way.

  • Security services – In many countries, governments force ISPs to share users’ IP addresses with them. Once they get the data, they can monitor citizens’ activity (browsing, financial transactions, etc.) and take steps against companies and individuals. 

How to hide IP address?

Finding out that you are under surveillance is frustrating. However, there are a few simple ways to put things right.

  1. Connect through VPN service. Companies like BroVPN help users set up encrypted connections between devices and servers. The encryption pattern helps one build a protected channel, which is impenetrable for hackers or surveillance bodies. Now your IP is the one tied to the VPN server, and your true IP address is no longer visible. There are quite a number of paid and free VPN service providers, and they offer a different degree of security and usability. BroVPN uses advanced features, which will provide IP protection and protect your device from all sorts of attacks and hide your IP address from everyone. So just install VPN, run it and your IP protection is enabled.

  2. Follow basic precautions and explain to your family members how to do that. Do not click on ads and/or URLs that come from people you do not know. Do not be in a hurry to click on those coming from your friends either – chances are the friend has been hacked and scams are acting on his/her behalf. 

  3. Use anonymizing browsers like Tor. They not only help you safely channel your traffic, but also anonymize it. This is crucial for those who want to hide IP address, get away from surveillance and rightfully do not want to share their private information. VPN services like BroVPN cooperate with reliable anonymizers and help users to set up stable and secure connections. Most important, routes change every time a user launches a session, and nodes do not see any data on the client.    

  4. Here at BroVPN we do our best to protect you, but we need your help too. That’s just simple: be sure that you have up-to-date antivirus software on your device. Also, it is advisable to change the router password regularly.  

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