Getting Access to WhatsApp with BroVPN

Getting Access to WhatsApp with BroVPN

As users manage to unblock access to their favorite websites and messengers, they choose BroVPN. As restrictions and censorship grow tougher around the globe, the number of client downloads skyrockets.

A great example of why VPN provider is a great option when it comes to circumventing access barriers is a decision by Brazilian authorities to block WhatsApp for three days. That was a second block of the messenger in the country. This one resulted in more than 50 000 of new downloads of a VPN client within but a few hours! VPN for WhatsApp in Brazil becomes more and more valuable.

This is what happens when a government tries to censor popular resources. WhatsApp is Facebook’s property, and it is being used by nearly one sixth of the planet’s population. It is convenient for exchanging messages, sharing documents, media files, etc. It is hardly possible to make someone want to surrender such an opportunity. A good paid or free VPN service can help you stay in touch no matter what officials do to stop the freedom of Internet! 

It is not just a matter of simple communication. WhatsApp is increasingly popular among business persons, who use the messenger to negotiate issues and decisions and share important information. Therefore, any restrictive step can seriously undermine business activity. In turn, this can be detrimental to economy. The attempt to ban a popular service by Brazilian authorities dismayed and irritated the entire community. It would not take a lot of time for them to want to look for ways around. Some decided to use other messaging apps, while others, not wanting to part with WhatsApp, decided to download paid or free VPN and continued to use their favorite messenger. Happily, that’s what most of those people did, much to the joy of numerous VPN service providers.

A VPN provider (Virtual private Network) helps users connect to privately owned servers (mobile devices) owned by ordinary users, no matter where they are. BroVPN, like other such services, works on a peer-to-peer basis. Once a connection is set up, an encrypted tunnel is built, which codes data and makes it invisible for surveillance and governmental services. It is possible to connect to a server located half-the world away from you and make you appear as if you were a resident of that region.

BroVPN is just one of VPN providers, which witnessed a surge of downloads right after the ban. Although there aren’t BroVPN servers in Brazil yet (maybe they already are when you read it), the reaction is quite so indicative. There are good reasons why even there people know who we are and want to use our service. We have been around for not quite so long, but our audience is growing rapidly.

Good VPN provider has both paid VPN and free VPN services. And so is BroVPN. It has garnered an audience with users from many countries around the world. Thanks to advanced encryption patterns used by our software, users can safely share whatever any type of data with each other. You are free to use VPN for WhatsApp or any other messenger without fearing restrictions. Second, BroVPN keeps your connection protected against hacker attacks and helps you secure your private data. You can choose between servers located in Europe and North America.


BroVPN is very easy to install and use. All you need to do is register and download free VPN version. There is detailed information about the procedure on our official website. 


Our service is supported by popular platforms and operating systems: Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, etc.

Whatever type of PC or device you have, now you can enjoy  your every favorite website or service, no matter where you are! Just download our VPN for free and get rid of censorship!

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