Free VPN vs paid VPN - what is more suitable for you and which one to choose in 2019

Free VPN vs paid VPN - what is more suitable for you and which one to choose in 2019

When we see that any thing or service is offered for free, we immediately suspect a trick. And it is normal! Of course, you should not be paranoid, looking for deception, for example, in a situation where a friend gives you an old thing, because he has bought a new one. Nevertheless, in the shop – no matter in the real world or online - the word 'free' can and should raise questions. And when services offer totally free VPN, it is not an exception.

Of course, if a free VPN service does not fulfill the minimum required tasks (for example, providing access to the blocked sites) then people will simply stop using it. And it will happen very soon. But why? Oh, it's both very simple and very important to understand, why using a free VPN service is not really safe. Let's figure out what is the very subtle difference between the concepts: free VPN service and free version of VPN.

Is free VPN service different from free VPN version? Yes.

That is the subtle difference. A free VPN service is one that is free in principle. It doesn't have a paid version. Looking ahead, we must say that this is utopia in the realities of modern world. The reason is prosaic: servers and their maintenance cost money, which must be taken from somewhere. Even, if we imagine that you had grandfather who was an IT-specialist, he was also an ideological altruist and had his own free VPN service, which he administered personally, and he bequeathed his server to you, then you will also need to maintain it. You will unlikely spend your savings or income from other fields on it. Most probably, you will want to somehow monetize your VPN service, so that it at least cover the costs.

How can you do it? You can provide a free VPN without restrictions. How, then, can you get money to pay back the costs? You can sell ads, share users’ logs with advertisers, as for example, Google does. You can do even more bad things (we will not prompt).

On the other hand, you can set standard restrictions of free VPNs - for example, a strict limit on traffic during the month, or decreasing a number of functions. And make in addition to the free version a paid (premium) one, which provides more settings, unlimited traffic, additional security features. Then your premium VPN will pay off the costs of the free one.

The best VPN service is one that has more features and more reliable level of protection. Undoubtedly, it is a premium VPN. However, it all depends on the tasks that you face. Let's look at the situation from the point of view of the VPN user. Do you need a paid VPN, or a free one is enough?

For example, you are a simple pupil from Ukraine who likes to communicate via the social network Vk with his friends. One day, not a great day, the “big boys” in the Kremlin and from Bankova Street quarreled so much that they restricted access to various “enemy” sites to their citizens. And how a simple pupil can chat via Vk in Ukraine?

A friend of yours tells you: install a VPN and easily use Vk! Do you need a premium VPN with a bunch of functions for this? No! You only need to hide your location to bypass the state block and safely communicate with friends!

But if you have a business, especially in the field of IT and related to Internet security, you need not just a good VPN service, but the best one. And you will also need to customize it manually for your tasks. Of course, a free VPN service can’t be your reliable assistant! Choose only the best one!

Moreover, you need to be suspicious if the description of a free VPN service looks too good. Especially, if they say that this is not just the best free VPN, but it is better than a premium VPN! We hope, you understand, how unrealistic it is.

Let's now see how a free VPN service can bring you money (apart from if users’ subscription fee for the premium version).

What are the risks when using a free VPN service without a premium version?

The main question is: if a company does not have a premium VPN, how does it pay off the costs?

  • Selling Your Logs

There are VPN services that, in principle, do not store logs, for example, BroVPN. However, many services do it and even take advantage of it. Yes, the whole essence of a VPN serving as an anonymizer is lost. But, who cares? Nothing personal, just business. In the worst scenario, you may be redirected to advertising sites. Or even fraudulent, which will subscribe you to some paid mobile content or steal your personal data.

  • Vulnerability 

VPN service security requires much money. Many free VPNs save on it without having even basic protection. As a result, YOU will suffer because a hacker can gain access to your data and intercept everything that you send to the Internet. For example, data of a bankcard.

  • Weak and outdated encryption 

Many free VPN services use outdated encryption protocols, which are not even able to bypass modern blocking of websites.

  • Advertising, advertising, advertising 

The easiest (and the safest for you, though annoying) way to make a free VPN service is to get money from advertising. Which, by the way, can lead to a fraudulent site.

  • A free VPN service will almost certainly slow down your Internet speed.

In a separate article, we said that this can happen with any VPN. A premium VPN has powerful (and, as an option, dedicated) channels and many servers, from which you can easily choose the most suitable, but a free VPN service doesn’t provide so many utilities.

  • Limitations of free VPN, motivating to upgrade to the premium version.

This is the best case. Because, thus, your data will not leak anywhere: the VPN provider directly tells you that he earns money from subscriptions to a premium version, and you can also join the premium version as soon as you realize that you like our VPN and you are ready to spent some dollars a month for unlimited traffic and premium features. BroVPN does just that.

Free VPN service: when is it enough?

You can safely use a free version of premium VPN, if you just need to log into a social network that is blocked in your country. Or if you need to hide your IP for other reasons. You can even use a free VPN service when accessing the Internet via public Wi-Fi. Of course, ideally in this case you should use a premium VPN. However, it’s better to use a free one, than none.

The main thing: remember about the cheese in a mousetrap. If you are offered a free VPN without limitations, then it is a reason to be suspicious. Better use a VPN that has both a premium and a free version. Yes, such a VPN will motivate you to upgrade to the premium version, but when you understand that it is worth it, you will spend just a few dollars a month and get unlimited access and premium features. BroVPN has it all.

Paid VPN: why is it worth the money

And, as a rule, very little money.

  • No logs 

Sometimes a paid VPN can save logs for technical purposes. But he does not need to sell them - he will earn more on the premium version, without losing his reputation. And the reputation for premiumVPNs is very important as a low rating will “kill” the sales and the whole business will ruin.

  • Really good level of security. 

For the same reason, a premium VPN will not save on security. A good paid VPN can afford 256-bit AES encryption, OpenVPN protocol and other premium features. Double encryption? No problem. DNS leaks? Already excluded at the level of network architecture. Did you disconnect from the VPN server and your true IP became visible to everyone? The safety lock will turn on at the same moment and disconnect you from the Internet to maintain confidentiality.

  • Unlimited traffic and speed.

Premium VPN provides premium servers and channels for premium users. You are in priority, you are a premium client. Forget about slow loading of data and pages.

  • Many servers around the world.

When you use a paid VPN, you can choose from a variety of servers around the world that with which you can work faster and more profitably. Moreover, it is more profitable in the direct financial sense: many online services, including hotel and flight booking, provide different prices for different regions. How do they determine your location? By an IP address. Which varies depending on which VPN server you are connected to. Use it!

  • Paid VPN can handle with censorship and Big Brother.

The state is well aware of the VPN and applies measures to reduce the VPN capabilities to zero. Most free VPN services capitulate to these measures. Nevertheless, paid VPN, with strong encryption, will allow you to log in to Facebook in China, visit blocked sites in Russia, log in to VK in Ukraine, and access Netflix in the USA.

  • Premium Features

Paid VPN always provides a wide range of additional security features. For example: an access from several devices by one subscription, additional encryption, 24/7 convenient technical support, its own ad blocker and antivirus, dedicated IP. There are many features - configure to your taste!


A free VPN service may seem tempting before you face the consequences. We live in a world, where you have to pay for everything one way or another. You should not save on privacy and security on the Internet, especially considering the payment of only few dollars a month.

Premium VPN reliably protects your connection and the data transmitted through it. You do not have to worry about your logs leaking somewhere because a good premium VPN doesn’t store logs in principle.

Premium VPN with a free version is perfect for those who want to choose the best VPN service. Test the free version, find out whether you like it or not, test a premium VPN - and if everything is okay, choose this service.

Try the premium version of BroVPN and see for yourself.

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