Choose a Reputable VPN Service and Secure Your Data

Choose a Reputable VPN Service and Secure Your Data

A paid or free VPN service is a great option for those who would like to protect themselves against cybert-hreats, browse secretly and bypass censorship.

Why do you need VPN (virtual private network)? With the help of a VPN provider, you can build an encrypted tunnel and run your traffic through it. The tunnel will keep it away from security services and hackers. This post explains how VPN service works and why do you need VPN.

What is it?

Once the encrypted tunnel is built and you have started using VPN service, your traffic is directed through this tunnel (as you browse), which is impenetrable for a third party’s eyes. None of your activity will be monitored, and your IP address is no longer visible for the websites you visit. BroVPN uses the most advanced features and technologies to ensure reliable encryption and maximal protection.

There are a dozen of good reasons to use VPN services. Here they are:

● Secure use of WiFi — VPN service appears to be the only way to protect your connection when you go online via public WiFi. These networks are used in public places like restaurants, malls, cafes, etc., and are notoriously insecure. Many of them are controlled by hackers, or owners themselves may be hunting for private information. They could track your browsing activity, steal passwords and hack your electronic wallets. You can avoid all that by subscribing to a reputable VPN provider.

● Accessing censored content — If you have to stay in a country or area where the government is tough on your most favorite or needed media and/or websites, you may have difficulty accessing them in the usual fashion. However, a VPN is quite a way out. For example, many users of LinkedIn from Russia, where it is blocked, have chosen BroVPN and are now communicating, working successfully and have no problems with bypass site blocking.  

● Staying out of ISPs’ sight — If you connect to a decent VPN service, your ISP provider will not be able to monitor your online activity any more. Neither will it be able to limit your scope of preferred resources, charge extra sums for entering premium websites, prevent you from using file-sharing sites or make you part of the government’s another surveillance campaign. They will not be able to see you visit censored resources, so you can bypass site blocking by your provider using VPN service

● Browse invisibly — Once you open a website, your IP-address becomes visible right away. However, if you connect via a VPN service, the address will be replaced with the one provided by your current VPN provider. It should be noted that an IP-address is not the only type of data, by which they can trace you. It is advisable to use an anonymizing browser, such as Tor. BroVPN has an option, which integrates with such browsers and provides double anonymity. 

● View streaming media without a hitch — There is media content, which cannot be viewed in every place. A VPN provider can help you access streaming media, which are not accessible in your country. Or, if you arrive in a country, where these resources are not visible, a  VPN service can help you overcome the barrier in the same way. 

What are the weak spots of VPN service?

Although VPN services do provide a lot of freedom, they are not omnipotent. To avoid illusions, you should note a few things a VPN service cannot handle. 

Governments and ISPs can take draconian censorship steps, against which a VPN service will be of little help. It won’t handle a situation when, for example, your ISP would decide to completely shut off your IT connection, or a website would block a large group of VPN serves. Any government is free to limit users within a nation to a national or localized network+. As you can see, there are barriers, which even BroVPN cannot circumvent.

Choosing a conscientious and reputable VPN provider is another important thing. No matter how secure you are against your ISP and oppressive government, your VPN provider will know your IP address, so it can go about your data at its own discretion. For example, they may promise you not to log your data and/or share it with security services, but this can be far from true. It can be technically difficult to keep the promise. Second, there are scam providers, who lure users into signing up with them by offering cheap or free VPN services and no-logs policies, but in fact do vice versa. 

There is a large number of such providers, who get users to download malware via ads and other tricks. There are lots of so called free VPN providers, many of which do not even encrypt connections.

BroVPN is here to emphasize the importance of choosing a decent VPN service and provides a guide on how to tell a good one from a scam. We share all sorts of information about ourselves, particularly about what we can and cannot do and why.

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