Change Your IP Address Right Now!

Change Your IP Address Right Now!

Every Internet user is concerned about security and wants to go online without fearing any spies or access limitations. BroVPN will give you a cover. Here is what you can do to change your IP address!

What is an IP address?

An IP (Internet Protocol) is an individual numerical label assigned to a device and identifying a user. It is a kind of point, through which you get and send digital data as you go online. Without an IP-address it would not be possible for servers lo direct data to your device: that would be like trying to send a letter to an address you don’t know.

IP addresses enable PCs and devices around the globe to communicate. Every time you visit a website, it identifies you by your IP address and registers your visit. An IP address consists of a network ID, which denotes your area, where your host is located, and a host ID, which identifies the host itself.

The reverse side of the coin is that it is very easy for ISPs and governmental authorities to tell your online activities by your IP address. Also, it is possible to tell by an IP address your approximate location. In many cases, this helps services to monitor and prevent illegal activities, as the IT is widely used by criminals. On the other hand, this poses serious privacy risks, as a lot of your private information can become available to third parties.

Get Another IP address with BroVPN

Wonder why you should change your IP address? Let’s see!

Not every user is concerned about what is happening when he or she is browsing. Meanwhile, there are tools out there, which allow criminals to trace your every little step without your awareness. They can use your personal data for any purposes. For example, they obtain users’ data from social networks as they monitor their activities and send SPAM messages to your email. This is far from the worst-case scenario!

Governments are increasingly tight on the Internet and use every means to track users. This happens in democratic Western countries as well. For example, agencies like NSA of the United States and GCHQ of Great Britain are setting up a global surveillance system to track users around the globe. However, if you change your IP address, you can prevent them from watching you online.

Some websites limit access to users based on their location. This is a disappointment for many users. Because part of an IP addresses does denote the user’s location, it is possible to geo-restrict access to this website. With the help of a VPN service, you can switch to an IP, which is registered in another country, and visit this website as if you were a resident of this country. Or you may be traveling to a country, where the government is restrictive and has blocked access to sites, which you could visit back at home. In this case, BroVPN could help you connect to a server located in your home country.

There are online stores and travel agencies practice price discrimination. For example, they may sell tickets to buyers from Great Britain at a lower price than to those from Poland. So, if you are a Polish who would like to buy a ticket at a lower price, you can switch to a server located in Great Britain and go for it.

With a VPN connection provided by companies like BroVPN, you can use public Wi-Fi network safely. Whoever owns this Wi-Fi hotspot, they will not see your IP address and will not be able to view or steal your data.

Many users work and carry out all financial operations online. If this is applicable to you, it is absolutely imperative that you secure your system against spies and scams in all possible ways! BroVPN will instruct you how to avoid trouble.

What’s bad about proxies?

A proxy connection can help you to open a restricted website too. However, proxies do not change your IP address and therefore do not make you safer. In addition, not all proxy operators are trustworthy: technically, they can easily intercept and read your data. Unlike a proxy connection, a VPN connection makes your main IP address invisible and therefore provides more anonymity.

Is it easy to change IP with BroVPN?

Yes, absolutely! Just visit our official website and do a couple of simple steps. This will take less than a minute.

How do I change my IP?

Register with BroVPN and download a client. Install it, choose a server in any country, where our service is available and enjoy free access to any of your favorite websites!

Where is BroVPN available?

BroVPN runs its servers in the Netherlands, Great Britain, Germany, Poland, France, Finland, Canada, Russia and the United States.

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