Can a VPN be hacked?

Can a VPN be hacked?

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is becoming more and more popular. Both free VPN and premium versions are in a high demand between people of different professions - from schoolchildren to entrepreneurs and top managers of huge companies. But such popularity also breeds the interest of intruders who are trying to hack a VPN. The question arises: is it possible to hack a VPN? Read the answer in the article!

VPN encryption: how does it work?

In order to understand whether VPN hacking is possible, you need to figure out how VPN encryption works. If you need to understand how VPN encryption works, start from opening the Internet.

You open a browser and visit the site that you need. The request goes to the router from your device and then to the provider. The provider connects to the site you need, receives the content of the page you have requested and sends it back to you by the same route.

The problem is that such a connection is not secure. A router (especially public Wi-Fi!) is a very vulnerable thing, especially when we speak about hacking. Using an unprotected connection in 2019, when hackers and other Internet scammers lurk at every corner of the Internet, is a very bad idea. Fortunately, there is VPN encryption! When VPN encryption is enabled, your data sent to the Internet is transmitted in an encrypted form. Encrypted even from the provider! Because of the VPN encryption, the websites you visit, see the IP address of the VPN server but not your real one.

Does this mean that VPN encryption provides 100% security? Is hacking a VPN possible?

Let's step by step find out how your information “moves” when you use a VPN — and how exactly VPN encryption protects your data at every stage.


1. Computer (as well as any other device you use)

VPN encryption starts working as soon as you turn on the VPN app. As long as the connection of your device with the VPN server is active, any data that you transmit to the network is being protected by VPN encryption. Even if a fraudster hacks the router you are using, he will only see the encrypted data. We will talk about the possibilities of successful hacking of the VPN in the next paragraph, but now let’s focus on another important thing. If your device was infected with a virus or an access was obtained in a different way (for example, someone saw the password that you entered in a public place, yes, in 2019 this method is still relevant), a VPN won’t help you. Moreover, it doesn’t even matter how secure is your VPN encryption. The attacker already has access to your data. Therefore, regularly check your device for viruses and be prudent.


2. VPN encryption: how strong is it?

Above, we said that hacking VPN encryption is possible if a hacker got access to the router through which you transfer the encrypted data. But how easy is it to hack this encryption? It directly depends on the level of VPN encryption. Today, VPN encryption standard is 256-bit AES encryption (it is also used by BroVPN). Is it a lot? It’s more than a lot. This makes the task of guessing the code impossible even for those who plan to live forever and is ready to spend all his eternal life on breaking your secrets. With 256-bit AES encryption, there are so many decryption options that even modern supercomputers will need billions of years to guess the combination!

3. VPN servers. Is hacking a VPN server possible?

The answer to this question depends on the specific VPN provider. We have said it many times and we will repeat again that you should not trust free VPN services (that do not have a premium version). A VPN service is not a one-page website with text and a couple of pictures, it is a complicated “machine” requiring right installation. It also consists of multiple servers located all over the globe, professional software, and people capable of managing all of this. These people want to get salary, and a very good salary. Besides, the servers need to be maintained. Well, what a free VPN server in such conditions will provide all the necessary functions and will be secured at the same time? Only one: paid back by a premium version from the same company. In this case, a free VPN service exists due to the users of the premium version.

If there is no premium version, a VPN provider will simply have to look for money somewhere else to survive. At best, he will cooperate with advertisers and sell user logs to them. At worst, a service will be hacked by attackers.

Hacking a VPN server directly is a very difficult task. We sincerely worry about VPNs all over the world and are sad to admit that such a precedent has already taken place. One of the free VPN servers with very weak protection has already been hacked. However, this service tried to save on everything and didn’t provide an adequate level of protection. A good VPN service can’t be hacked. Therefore, you shouldn’t worry for the stage when your information, protected by VPN encryption, is decrypted on the VPN server, in order to be transmitted to the destination specified by you in a readable form. Of course, if you use a good VPN service. For example, BroVPN.

4. Be prudent and attentive.

VPN encryption protects your data, but it will not save you if you give your data to a scammer. For example, for a long time there exist so-called phishing sites. They literally “catch you on the hook”: when you visit such a site, your computer or other device becomes infected with a virus. So, the attacker no longer needs to hack a VPN to read any of your data.

Therefore, we strongly recommend BroVPN users to use the Cybersec function. This is an ad blocker of potentially dangerous sites that have already compromised themselves or look suspicious. BroVPN cares about your security!

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