Bypassing Censorship with BroVPN in an Easy and Legal Way

Bypassing Censorship with BroVPN in an Easy and Legal Way

The Internet, the last stronghold of openness and freedom, is under a censorship attack. Governments of many countries, not only traditionally viewed as totalitarian (North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Iran, etc.), are increasingly hard on their citizens’ rights to access information that is available online. According to recent assessments, about 75% of countries are resorting to tough censorship strategies and block access to sites, which are quite so popular worldwide. How a common user can get access to blocked sites now?


Unfortunately, censorship seems to be obliterating the private sector as well. With the abolition of many rules and regulations in the United States, for example, Internet service providers and major media groups have gotten tools allowing them to limit access to their competitors’ resources. Many steps that were meant to protect personal data have had the opposite effects. For example, the acceptance by the EU of GDPR has prompted many American media whales like Tronc to block access to its sites for the whole EU instead of joining in the action.

Censorship uses increasingly sophisticated technologies, but the opposite side does not seem to be much behind. BroVPN and many other companies are determined to save one of the most fundamental democratic freedoms. We have developed a little provider’s bypass guide that explains how censorship bodies work and how to legally get access to blocked sites and censored resources. Here are some methods they use to impose censorship:

DNS control

Some governments control DNS servers and can redirect or restrict domains, which host content they believe to be illegal. As a result, these websites stop being visible or resolve to incorrect domain names and/or IP addresses. Users either see nothing or a page different from the one they were intent on visiting.

What can I do to get access to blocked sites in case of DNS control? Switch to another DNS

Choose an independent and uncompromised DNS server, which resolves domain names properly. Most likely, you will not have problems if you use a popular and well-established domain name like Cloudfare, quad9, or Google Public DNS etc. Please, note that you will need to adjust your operating systems. There are guidelines available, where you can find explanations on how to do that. Quad9 and Google Public DNS do come with such guidelines.

Governmental control over ISPs, IP-blocking and filtering by URL

The simplest and most common way of eliminating unwanted websites from public access is blocking IPs. Governments blacklist these websites and force ISPs to submit data on them, or ISPs themselves may want to block some sites. ISPs check browser requests and check them against black lists. Once a request matches a blacklisted item, the connection is dropped. All sites sharing the same IP will be blocked, so access to blocked sites is denied. Many providers and governments use IP blocking to knock content out of access on a geographical basis.

Censors can check URLs and limit access to some websites. They track information with the help of URL lists with keywords, by which they target illicit URLs. Once a user attempts to view a website, censors scan the URL for keywords. Should they find one that is included in the list, they block it.

What Can I Do about It? Download VPN

Using a paid or free VPN service is a safe way for provider’s bypass around barriers like URL filters and IP-blockers. The BroVPN service will help you build a channel between your device and the server, which will be impenetrable for hackers or blockers. Nobody will be able to trace your activity any more. To start use BroVPN, just download our VPN for free, sign in – and now you have built a strong partnership with BroVPN, you can view your favorite websites and communicate via messengers without any fear of censorship. 

If you are not ok with VPN service for some reasons, there are open-source software tools and browsers like Pirate Browser and Tor. The former combines with Mozilla Firefox and allows users to provider’s bypass and breach censorship barriers set by countries like Iran, North Korea, China, etc. Tor provides an even higher level of anonymity, as it runs traffic through Tor nodes located around the globe and encrypts the connection. Whatever website you visit, it will not see your device’s IP address. It will only see the address of the last Tor server. 


Deep packet inspection

Deep packet inspection (DPI) is a universal censorship strategy used by some governments, as they check and sort traffic by metadata of packets, which is exchanged by servers. Censors analyze the metadata, determine the type of information shared between servers and, based on that, block, re-direct and/or log it. DPI can even be helpful in blocking (but not deciphering) flows of encrypted data (even VPN data), as there are advanced DPI-based firewalls. Although DPI does not decrypt data, it can block most free VPN services and Tor traffic.

Use BroVPN!

Although oppressive governments have pretty much succeeded in incorporating advanced censorship tools, the opposing side does not seem to be falling behind. DPI is known for its potential that allows it to block VPN traffic. However, it depends on the type and quality of a VPN service. This is one of the reasons why we do not recommend users to connect via so-called ‘completely free VPN services’. They provide poor quality software, which, if installed on a PC or mobile device, can create vulnerabilities and expose it to attacks. There are browsers like Tor, which offer a substantial degree of anonymity and keep users’ data and devices secure. However, they are often slow and a little hard to set up. 

The overwhelming majority of Internet users believe that download VPN and use it is the easiest, safest and most available way to dodge surveillance and censorship. It is even easier, safer and more available with the use of a trustworthy service like BroVPN. We offer several plans, from which anyone who wants to bypass censorship can choose the most suitable one in terms of price and features. In any way, with our help you will be able to view all sites that are frowned upon by your government.

BroVPN is headquartered in a jurisdiction, where data protection laws are strong and user-oriented. To say more, thanks to our location we can legally afford VPN without logs. The company protects all data shared between users from around the world, including DNS queries and prevents the disclosing of information about individuals’ browsing activities. The company uses a kind of architecture, which provides an additional layer of protection for VPN servers by channeling data through countries, where laws ensure reliable protection of users’ data. This minimizes the risk of leaks and personal data getting out into the open. BroVPN does not log users’ activity, because laws in these countries do not require us to, and the company itself takes great care about privacy and security.

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