BroVPN Protects WiFi Users

BroVPN Protects WiFi Users

BroVPN is taking steps to improve its WiFi auto protection. We are doing so to enable our customers to connect to public WiFi hotspots without worrying about their personal data. It is a well-known fact that public WiFi networks are extremely vulnerable. We are going to use a versatile protection feature, which will keep you secure while browsing in public places. It will be available in both paid and free VPN services provided by BroVPN.

The convenience of using public WiFi networks has its reverse side: most such hotspots are unsecured, passwords and logins are likely to be compromised and fall into the wrong hands. Hackers and snoopers are always there stalking their prey. Some WiFi network owners deliberately keep their hotspots unsecure and steal users’ data. Here is some information on how this data can be compromised and how to avoid trouble when using public WiFi.

BroVPN is going to launch a Wi-Fi auto protection security feature, which will work in an automated mode and will guarantee reliable protection against data theft and numerous cyber-threats. The system will start working right after a connection is set up, and you will not need to do anything about it: it will do all work by itself! 

Why Public WiFi Hotspots are Not Safe

Public WiFi networks are commonly used by restaurants, hotels, cafes, coffee houses, and other places where people come to relax and have a good time. Also, hotspots are set up at airports and railroad stations. They are meccas not only for IT users, but also for hackers and snoopers. Public WiFi spots are increasingly popular, and hackers can target any visitor and steal their logins and passwords. They can track your every little step, especially when you visit unencrypted resources. Hackers attack secretly, so initially victims have no idea they are being watched. They end up with malware installed on their PCs and mobile devices and tons of important and possibly confidential information stolen. Apart from logins and passwords, this information may include credit card details and email correspondence.

There are all reasons to believe that things will grow tougher in the foreseeable future. The number of hotspots grows three to four times each year, and hackers grow smarter day by day. Unfortunately, not all users behave properly. Statistically, about 1/3 of users choose public WiFi hotspots when buying things online or carrying out other business transactions. Some studies suggest that 20% to 30% of individuals and business persons and managers have been attacked. Travelers and tourists, who cannot imagine themselves without using the Internet, and for who there is hardly an option but a public WiFi network to do some work online, are the most exposed category. 

Hackers use the stolen data for various purposes. For example, having collected your ID information, they can hack your social media profile and spam on your behalf. If someone has obtained your credit card data, you may receive a message one day saying that you have a huge debt. That’s price you may pay for insufficient wireless security.

What Tricks Do Hackers Use to breach wireless security?

BroVPN warns: wireless security is usually very weak. There are quite a number of ways a hacker can attack your PC or mobile device. Most hackers are technically skilled and well-educated. Here are the most common practices:


A hacker can get a piece of malware on your PC/device that will be tracking your keyboard activity. The program will collect data on keys pushed over a period of time and form a log file. If you have this type of software on your PC (unknowingly) and typed your ID or credit card information, most likely, it has been keylogged and the hacker is reading it right now.


This is a common practice when a hacker creates a replica of a popular website or service. This fake site is loaded with a Trojan program. As the hacker sends the link to the infected site to a user and tricks him/her into registering with the site. Once the victim enters his/her login, password and other personal data, the malware steals the data and the hacker gets it.


Why trying to breach wireless security, if hacker can setup own WiFi spots? This technique consists in the use of a WiFi network, which is created and set up by criminals. As users connect to it, hackers gain control over them and their activities and intercept any and all data shared by users. An ordinary user cannot tell a rogue WiFi network from a legitimate one, so he/she has no idea he/she is being hacked right now.

Watering hole attacks:

If you visit a public place with WiFi hotspots regularly, and if you are a fan of certain websites, you may fall a victim to this kind of attack. Criminals may simply learn when exactly they can see you there, create a fake hotspot, modify your favorite websites and get you to pump your personal and confidential data through them. 


Users, who connect to unencrypted hotspots without using a reliable VPN service, are easy targets for sniffers. A sniffer is an individual, who tracks and intercepts traffic with the help of cheap or open-source software. The hacker can steal your banking/shopping information and credentials and eventually hack your bank account.


Also known as WiFi session hijacking, this method consists in actually stealing running web sessions. The hacker steals cookies and uses them to access the website, which an unsuspected user is visiting right now, and steal personal data. 

BroVPN’s Wireless Security

BroVPN’s new Wi-Fi auto protection function works in a unique way: it automatically detects and connects to an encrypted VPN tunnel once you start using an unsecured WiFi hotspot. This will help you create an impenetrable protective barrier, enable your own wireless protection and stay secure with any public WiFi network! BroVPN has VPN for Android and VPN for iOS, so choose your favorite one, download VPN for free and enjoy free and safe Internet!

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