BroVPN – the new thing

BroVPN – the new thing

Now BroVPN clientele can enjoy a dedicated VPN server and a new IP address.

BroVPN is an increasingly popular, effective and reliable VPN service, with a rapidly growing clientele. This VPN service has expanded to more than 40 countries, so you can connect to a dedicated server located in those and change IP address.

BroVPN has been around for a few years, and it is rightfully believed to be among the most technically advanced companies in terms of cyber security. It rests on a reliable platform, and it is one of the few free VPN services that can be trusted.

Lots of people, who are related to the company in any way, note that a dedicated VPN server can handle scores of devices simultaneously. Also, users can access a control panel and manage numerous devices connected to the server. Business people and users wanting to use several devices as servers can greatly benefit from these opportunities, as they get the safest connection possible.

It is not only safe. VPN service allows users to overcome censorship and geographic restrictions: if you want to visit a site that is outlawed and therefore not accessible in your country, connect to a VPN server located in another country and view the site to your heart’s content. You may stop fearing a blockage or restriction, because neither your IT provider nor any governmental authority will see your IP address. Whatever you do online, you are not going to be blocked or hacked.

VPN service users around the world respect BroVPN for its unflagging no-logs policy and user-oriented strategy, which is a great addition to the service’s fast and reliable connection. The company is known to be free, although it does offer a Premium plan as well for those who want to use a broader array of features and options. Our free VPN service is backed by its clientele, as they share their free resources on a peer-to-peer basis.

Why use a dedicated VPN server?

BroVPN shows quite a bunch of ways around barriers and restrictions, so you can freely view sites and media, which are censored in your country or area. The service provides a substantial degree of privacy and prevents data leaks. Anyone can connect to a dedicated VPN server located in any country. Once a user does, he or she changes IP address, and a new one is not visible to his or her local ISP. As long as he or she is connected to the dedicated server and using the IP address, no one else will be able to connect to it. Most important, because scores of devices can use the server simultaneously, the user enables his or her entire family to use the connection. This is also great for professional teams and communities, as one member can manage his or her colleagues’ and associates’ devices and thus coordinate work.

Now available for iOS & Android

 Another piece of good news for our client is that we have upgraded our software. Now we have VPN for Android and VPN for iOS, and thus boosted our VPN service compatibility. The new version boasts an attractive user interface and theme. Most our users note that the service has become more user-friendly. 

Thanks to the addition of new VPN servers, BroVPN has expanded to over 50 countries. Now users have a much broader choice of servers and instantly use VPN for Android and VPN for iOS.

Right now, our server uses a fast and effective IKEv2/IPSec security protocol, which ensures a higher speed and more privacy.

Summing It up

Once a user connects to our VPN service, he or she can enjoy a lot of goodies. Here is a little sum-up of the above:

  • A dedicated VPN server and IP address
  • An opportunity to connect to the server about fifty devices simultaneously
  • A control panel and an opportunity to manage the functioning of these devices
  • An opportunity to go online as if you were from another country and thus bypass censorship, geographic restrictions, etc. 
  • Faster connection compared to other free VPN service providers, because the server is dedicated to one single user. It retains a good speed during peak hours too.
  • BroVPN does not log users’ browsing, uploading/downloading, or posting activity and does not share any data with third parties. 
  • Change IP address, so that your IP is not visible for the original Internet service provider.
  • An opportunity to watch international and foreign channels at any time.
  • BroVPN enjoys a rapidly growing number of clients around the world.

How It Works

BroVPN works in a very simple way. There is a client application, with the help of which it is easy to find a dedicated VPN server and connect to it. You will be connected to the server via a protected channel, which is impenetrable for security services, governmental authorities, business persons, etc. The service is available for all types of PCs and mobile devices. 

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