BroVPN Intro

BroVPN Intro

BroVPN is a rapidly growing VPN service provider, now operating in Russia, Germany, Great Britain, France, Finland, Canada, and the United States. It offers an extensive package of services related to VPN and is known to be among the most versatile and affordable ones. BroVPN guarantees that you will enjoy all benefits of a VPN connection.

Why VPN is used?

The VPN (Virtual Private Network) technology was initially used by businesses and corporations seeking to create corporate networks and thus secure themselves (documentation, financial, confidential data, etc.) against all sorts of intrusions.

Security is still a number-one reason why VPN is used, and the technology is globally available right now. It helps thousands of users solve their online security and privacy issues, which arise in the ever-growing Internet. Second, it opens up a handful of opportunities for regular users when it comes to:

  • Evading ISP tracking
  • Evading censorship
  • Accessing geo-blocked websites and streaming services
  • Safer use of public Wi-Fi networks
  • Avoiding price discrimination

How VPN works

To set up a high quality VPN connection, please, use the BroVPN service. The company provides a VPN client, which is compatible with Windows, Mac and Android, and offers two plans: the Free and the Premium.

Once you have signed up with BroVPN and installed the client, you have joined the network and can connect to a server (a user-owned device), on which this client is also installed. This server can be located in any of the countries mentioned above.

You will get a new IP address (a unique combination of numbers and dots, which identifies your device), and it will mask the IP address assigned to you by your ISP. This is one reason why VPN provides higher privacy.

Second, the software creates an encrypted connection: it uses a code, which converts traffic into a gibberish of symbols. Therefore, even if a hacker, a governmental or security service, your boss, etc., do intercept the data, they will not be able to read it and, consequently, track your activity. All that they will be able to see is the gibberish code.

BroVPN uses the 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), which helps create a strong key. The key is only available to the two devices, between which the connection is established. Also, the network uses the OpenVPN protocol, which is available for everyone, yet is much safer than the PPTP protocol.

Benefits of VPN

As mentioned above, VPN has proved to be an effective tool to bypass various types of barriers and insecurities. Here are the most common reasons why VPN is so popular:

  • You get Internet services from your ISP. They are aware of every little action on your side – your browsing, downloading/uploading, messaging and other activities. Also, they can store this information for a period of time and share it at their own discretion or as directed by your local law. This means that this information can fall into the hands of third parties and can be used against you any time. The encryption hides your activities and turns the data into an unreadable code. The ISP may find out that you might be using VPN, but they will not be able to decode the data.
  • BroVPN helps users access websites and resources, which are restricted by the government for political or ideological reasons. You can bypass the barrier by connecting to a server, which is located in a country or region, where this content is not restricted. Thus you will use a foreign IP address and virtually appear as a resident of this country or region. BroVPN can be a whiff of fresh air for citizens of restrictive nations, such as China, North Korea, Oman, Iran, etc.
  • This one is pretty much the same as No.2: if you are staying in a country, where content, which you have been regularly checking in your home country, is not available, BroVPN will connect you to a server in your country.
  • Although public Wi-Fi is a great convenience, it does have pitfalls. Free Wi-Fi networks are used by crowds of people and are owned/managed by people we don’t know. It will not take great effort for a potential intruder to eavesdrop on you when you use a network to direct private or confidential information even to a reliable source. BroVPN will stream all this information down an encrypted tunnel, so none of it will ever get out into the open.
  • Many international companies (airlines, accommodation services, etc.) set different prices for different countries and regions. For example, they may charge residents of New York or Chicago twice higher for a ticked than for a resident of Warsaw or Prague, based on local income statistics. With BroVPN on your side you can check this by connecting to servers in a number of countries, compare the prices and buy at the lowest one. No one will notice that you have used ways around it!

Why BroVPN?

BroVPN is one of the few networks, which offers a free plan without pitfalls: the connection will be safe and steady, no part of your data will be logged, shared or sold to third parties without your consent. Particularly, we do not share our customers’ personal data with any governmental or security agencies.

On the other hand, we take great care that our users comply with our policies and their home countries’ laws. We do not want to be tools in unethical users or scams’ hands. Therefore, we do cooperate with law enforcement in cases whereby there are good reasons to suspect a user of any breach of a law.

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