Benefits of VPN

Benefits of VPN

Virtual private networks (VPN) are intended for encrypting online data and sharing it via a secure digital tunnel to circumvent barriers and ensure a stable Internet connection. VPN is gaining interest around the globe along with proxies. This can be explained by the increasing vulnerability of personal data and growing need for data security.

What is VPN?

When you set up a VPN connection, you connect to a private server (usually a mobile device owned by a regular user). Both the server and your device should have a VPN client – a piece of software developed and provided by a VPN service (for example, BroVPN). The client creates the encrypted tunnel, via which you exchange data with the end server. From now on, whatever website you visit, it will see the private server’s IP address, not your real one. Second, the coded data will look to potential intruders as complete gibberish, which they won’t be able to hack.

Another security factor is that IP addresses change all the time as you are switched between different servers, so it is hardly possible to track a connection. This reduces the risk of IP blocks and bans.

Why use VPN?

The technology will help you mask your identity and activities behind this new IP address. There are quite a number of reasons why VPN might be the right thing for you:

  • It helps you maintain privacy. Websites, which you visit, will not be able to make a clear picture of your activity, since they cannot access data, which you send and receive.
  • You can circumvent geo-blocks and access websites that are censored in your country by connecting to a server located in a country, where they are not.
  • If you are traveling abroad and have found that your favorite websites are no longer available, you can connect to a server located in your home country and access those.
  • If you are running a business and would like to reduce Internet costs, you can connect to a less expensive and well-operating network using a VPN service.
  • Some ISPs cap the use of data, so once you have used a certain amount of it, your provider can reduce the speed of your connection. You can connect to another server and thus solve your problem.
  • You can view events (sports, cultural, etc.) streamed in a foreign country, which you cannot view in your home country, by connecting to a server located in the respective region.

Weak spots of VPN

Along with the benefits, VPN does have some minuses, which you should be aware of and ready to deal with. These are:

  • Some users may have difficulty setting up a VPN connection. BroVPN is a user-oriented and beginner-friendly platform, and it will help you avoid trouble, but there is some likelihood of problems.
  • Some jurisdictions are increasingly strict on VPN. Check the legislation of your home country or one where you are currently in (as well as the terms and conditions set by the platform) prior to connecting to ensure it is legal in this area.
  • VPN tends to be a little slow due to encryption and routing. However, reliable platforms do their uttermost to provide effective customer support and acceptable speed.

Why BroVPN?

BroVPN is a VPN network, where users actually help each other overcome barriers and reach their goals. It provides basic services for free, and it is simple, user-friendly and ad-free.

The platform operates in a number of countries: Russia, Germany, France, Great Britain, the USA, Canada and Finland. BroVPN is a peer-to-peer network, which does not charge regular users; all you should do is provide your device’s resources and data for the network to operate on a peer-to-peer basis. If you don’t want to share this data, you can subscribe to the Premium version. The free version works on Windows, Mac, Android, OSX and iOS, while the Premium version operates on all platforms supporting OpenVPN.

The platform puts security and privacy above all. All our products are developed with an emphasis on maximal security. We check all our partners and third parties for security and integrity, take steps to banish any and all illegal content from our network. Finally, we monitor our network to prevent criminals from using it for their foul purposes and maintain good reputation. We do not log regular users’ data and do not share it with governmental or security services. However, we do cooperate with these services on any cases whereby BroVPN has been compromised by criminals.

BroVPN is available 24/7, so you can connect and subscribe any time. There is always an agent online, so you can get first-hand information at any time and on any issue. Please, feel free to ask any questions, and we will answer in a matter of minutes.

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