10 reasons why you need Mac VPN client in 2019

10 reasons why you need Mac VPN client in 2019

Today, the world looks like it is described in science fiction books of the 20th century. We do not just communicate using mobile devices - they are rapidly becoming an integral part of our life. There have appeared more and more developers of such devices, but there are two famous giants. One of them is Apple. Whatever the fans of other systems may say - Mac OS is one of the most convenient. Today, we will talk about securing devices on Mac OS: iPhone, MacBook or other gadget. Indeed, no matter what Apple products you use - the principles of online security are the same for all of them. One of the fundamental thing is not to use public Wi-Fi, unless you have the VPN client for Mac OS enabled.

VPN client for Mac OS: why it is so important 

Public Wi-Fi hotspots are becoming more and more common. They are everywhere: in the center of the city, in various establishments, public transport etc. We are so used to them that we no longer notice how we connect to them automatically. Meanwhile, the security level remains insufficient even after the latest updates of the WPA3 protocol. A VPN client is still required when using these access points.


What is VPN client for Mac OS in 2019?

Some time ago, a VPN client was primarily an anonymizer, created for bypassing government censorship and other locks. Today, you can download VPN for PC, VPN client for Mac OS, VPN for Android ... Today, free VPN is provided by dozens of providers ... but with different level of quality.

It’s okay, when there is a free VPN and a premium version from the same provider. However, when a VPN service claims that it’s completely free, than you shouldn’t trust it. Because this free VPN service needs to get profit anyway, at least for its self-sufficiency. However, have spoken about this in detail in other articles - let us return to the subject of today’s article. The main advantage of VPN client for Mac Os is that your connection is very well protected by encryption from hackers, phishing sites and other “bad guys”.

What is a VPN client for Mac OS?

The VPN client for Mac OS is a program that ‘on autopilot’ connects the user to the server of the VPN provider. If you do not use the VPN client for Mac OS, you will have to configure the VPN manually, and this is sometimes more difficult than on the computer (you cannot do it without specific knowledge).


Ten reasons why you need a VPN client for Mac OS

1. Change the IP address with a few clicks

The VPN client for Mac OS really helps to easily change the IP address. Simply select a server from the list and establish a connection with it. Your VPN client for Mac OS will do the rest.

2. Do not let others to spy on you

Welcome to the era of “Big Brother”. Today, on the Internet, literally everyone is watching us! The state, Internet providers, advertisers, Internet fraudsters and so on. Do you really like when strangers spy on you? On the Internet, this is being done every second ... if you are not using a VPN.

Protect your anonymity using the VPN client for Mac OS! When you use a VPN client, your Apple device is protected by full encryption of all the traffic. In addition, the protocols used by the VPN provider play an important role. Good providers use safe up-to-date VPN protocols. It is nice, if your VPN client for Mac OS supports at least some of the following protocols: Open VPN, Stealth VPN, SSTP VPN, Shadowsocks, SoftEther VPN.

3. Public Wi-Fi hotspots are extremely unsafe, if you do not use the VPN client for Mac OS

As you are reading our blog, you probably know all the drawbacks of unsecured public Wi-Fi. What to say, if many of these hotspots do not even require a password! Always use the VPN client for Mac OS before connecting to such free WI-FI hotspots! If you use a VPN client, you can be sure that all the data transmitted to the Network via WI-FI is encrypted and confidential.

4. Secure remote access

One of the advantages of the entire Apple line is the “iCloud” storage. Yes, they are everywhere now, but Apple has a very convenient integration of the “iCloud” with all devices. However, this is a powerful bait for hackers and other scammers. Therefore, using the VPN client for Mac OS is necessary for your online security while working with the “iCloud”.

5. Bypassing state censorship and propaganda.

Once the Internet was created as free space. Free primarily from state censorship and propaganda. But today the state rules it. You are, undoubtedly, overloaded with ‘correct’ news (determined by your browsing history, IP address and other factors), you also don’t have access to individual sites and entire social networks. Forget about these inconveniences with a VPN client for Mac OS.

6. Secure video calls

Video calls are another achievement of modern civilization. Unfortunately, attackers use this technology for their purposes. They can hack your traffic, if it is not encrypted. Possible consequences: the disclosure of confidential information, starting from personal secrets and finishing with trade secrets. Therefore, if you do not want to become a victim of the blackmailer, use the VPN client for Mac OS when making video calls.

7. Do not let the provider kill you speed

The network of any Internet provider is designed so that it can decrease the speed of any user. Not because providers don’t like subscribers - the channel is simply limited, and if one user gets too much traffic, others will get nothing. It is when a “traffic controller” begins to work. How does the provider do this? Just tracks your traffic.

Have you already understood what the VPN client for Mac OS is for? Right. If you use a VPN client, all your traffic is encrypted. Even from the provider.

8. Use Tor without attracting unnecessary attention.

Tor is a browser that allows you to do many things that are not needed for the regular Internet user. But YOU may need them. The problem is that Tor is used by various attackers, so the government is putting pressure on providers and force them to identify users. In order to secure Tor’s users several solutions have been developed. We would recommend Tor over VPN or Onion over VPN.

9. Torrents

This item is similar to the previous one. Torrents today - a thing on the edge of the law. Therefore, you can be blocked for using various torrents. Secure yourself with a VPN client for Mac OS and work with torrents using the Shocks5 proxy server.

10. VPN client for Mac OS is very profitable. 

In the most direct sense. We have separate articles explaining how to get the benefits from using a VPN, including a VPN client for Mac OS.

Read these articles and you will understand, how a VPN client can bring you profits! Be safe with your Apple device - use a VPN client for Mac OS!

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